Household actions will account for 40% of IRA emissions cuts

An interesting new study was published highlighting why CCL's building electrification and efficiency policy area is an important one. The study looked at how much of the Inflation Reduction Act and bipartisan infrastructure bill's financial incentives target household actions (12% and 6%, respectively), and how much of those bills' projected emissions cuts will come from household actions (about 40%). 

The breakdown is that of the cumulative emissions cuts created between the bills' passages and 2050 (over 17 billion tons or Gt of CO2), about 17% of that will come from homes switching their heating sources to electric heat pumps, another 17% or so will come from switching from gas cars to electric vehicles, and about 6% will come from switching water heaters to heat pumps.  So, building electrification specifically will account for 23%, and vehicle electrification another 17% of total legislation's emissions cuts. Here it is in slide form:


Talk to your fellow volunteers, family, friends and local elected officials you know about the results of this study. You might also ask local elected officials to (1) enact local laws that promote electrification, and (2) join Rewiring America's Local Gov't Leaders for Electrification. 

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Jay Bassett
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@Dana Nuccitelli  Additionally - this also serves as a foundation for advocating and advancing distributed community centered and locally focused clean energy deployment.  This supports increasing community driven social and economic capacity to enable and drive local policy and policy makers for a clean energy transition connects with and enhances and advances people centered  - connected, healthy and thriving communities.  This opens up opportunities to advance our advocacy and policy goals through addressing current wicked problems and opportunities such as affordable housing. By supporting local capacity, this is a strategic way to build stronger and actionable relationships with local and state legislative leaders who are also connected to, do influence and advise congressional representatives.  This in turn is an enabler for increasing the effectiveness of a CCL chapter or action team and its credibility to advancing the meaningful broader federal policy changes and opportunities we seek.   This an area the Electrification Action Team is taking on through its work and underway pilot in increasing capacity and capability of CCL chapters to activate through coalitions and coalition building.  

@Jay Bassett CCL friend is ready and able to help homeowners across California (and soon other states) make affordable (sometimes free after rebates!) progress on electrifying their homes.

If we are to see the carbon reductions projected by this study, each and every one of us that owns a home must make a choice to replace a fossil fuel appliance with electric - and then must make this choice again and again, until all their appliances are electrified. 

Making those choices can feel daunting - which is why QuitCarbon's free, US Department of Energy award-winning service exists!

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