June 2023 Lobby Training #2: Open Q&A Discussion
Join CCL's Vice President of Government Affairs Ben Pendergrass and Senior Director Jenn Tyler for a training that will provide up to the moment insights on the dynamics in Congress and how we can most effectively use our time in meetings to support our agenda. This is a recommended training for any CCL volunteer planning on being a part of their group's June 2023 Lobby Meeting (as well as the previous week - Lobby Training #1 - CCL's June 2022 Primary & Supporting Asks)

Presentation Slides: https://cclusa.org/june-asks-slides  

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  • (0:00) Intro & Agenda
  • (2:45) Primary & Supporting Ask Brief Review
  • (6:44) Will CCL provide one-pagers for our primary and supporting asks for our meetings?
  • (7:44) Are there restrictions with what we can bring into the House & Senate buildings security-wise?
  • (9:16) Who should offices be directed to if interested in co-sponsoring the Energy Innovation Act?
  • (10:29) Is there a Republican co-sponsor for this session's Energy Innovation Act and do we anticipate any major changes to the bill?
  • (12:21) What are the key components in clean energy permitting reform that could speed up the deployment of clean energy and how do we minimize fossil fuel development in the reform?
  • (14:48) What is Government Affairs input on a new bipartisan hydro-electric bill that my Senator has signed off on for my state?
  • (17:09) Is there a specific permitting bill we anticipate being able to lobby in support of for June meetings?
  • (19:27) Why is it that we don't expect the Farm Bill to pass until next year?
  • (21:27) Should we also have a supporting ask directed at protecting Inflation Reduction Act funding given it's at risk currently with the House's proposal in the debt ceiling talks?
  • (23:35) Should we have one or two primary asks if we are meeting with a House member - and how might we decide between clean energy permitting reform or the Energy Innovation Act?
  • (26:05) Do we anticipate changes to the Energy Innovation Act? And why is it still not reintroduced?
  • (28:28) Should we also be talking in our meetings with the Senate about carbon pricing? Do we think there will be a bill like the Energy Innovation Act in the Senate?
  • (30:49) Is CCL working with the Climate Leadership Council or other groups to help reintroduce the Energy Innovation Act?
  • (32:10) Are there specific bills that include domestic mining in the permitting
  • reform discussion?
  • (32:53) Should we lobby Republicans on a carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) instead of the Energy Innovation Act?
  • (35:39) How to best understand concerns for opposition to permitting reform from more progressive groups?
  • (39:40) Should we contact our member of Congress's energy staffer to get their input on permitting reform ahead of the meeting?
  • (41:12) If the debt ceiling isn't raised by our Lobby Day, how will that impact our meetings?
  • (44:40) Why didn't CCL include the FOREST Act in it's supporting asks this June?
  • (46:16) Can we get more detail on clean energy permitting reform for our
  • primary ask given how much detail we're used to with the Energy Innovation Act? 
  • (49:57) Would prioritizing community input during clean energy permitting reform expose the process to more NIMBYism?
  • (53:53) Why is carbon pricing still needed after the Inflation Reduction Act?
  • (55:45) What should we talk about if our member of Congress is already
  • a champion of carbon pricing and clean energy permitting reform?
  • (56:40) Concluding Thoughts
Visit back here or the Primary and Supporting Asks training page where the updated recording will be archived after the live training.
Monday May 22nd, 2023 5:00pm PDT
Monday May 22nd, 2023 6:00pm PDT
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