Grassroots Outreach Basics: Core Volunteer Training 926
Grassroots Outreach Basics: Core Volunteer Training
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Join Dave Cain, CCL Presenters & Schedulers Action Team Co-Leader and Valerie Bane, CCL Board of Directors member and Sacramento Public Affairs Coordinator, for a training on grassroots outreach - everything you ever wanted to know about tabling, scheduling, and giving presentations for CCL!

Valerie and David will trade-off with each other to lead an interactive webinar geared at highlighting the bite-sized best practices in the art of preparing for both tabling and presentations and what to do once you get there. There will time for in-depth Q&A you might have regarding the best grassroots outreach with both a presentation or a tabling opportunity as well as the chance to work on your own goal-setting for getting involved a grassroots event!

There is no registration needed to join us. To join us the evening of the webinar go to: or call 1-408-638-0968 and enter meeting code: # 273-716-354.

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CCL offers two ongoing training series online via Zoom conference (instructions for how to log-on): Citizens' Climate University for existing volunteers on Thursday evenings and Core Volunteer Training for new volunteers on Tuesday evenings.

Post your questions in advance to the Event Comments section below and to learn more about our schedule and see archived trainings, visit Community’s Core Volunteer Training Topic page where the updated recording will be archived after the training.

Tuesday July 23rd, 2019 5:00pm PDT
Tuesday July 23rd, 2019 6:00pm PDT
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