How To Log Onto Zoom

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CCL uses Zoom for almost all of our audio and video conferencing and training. Follow the training questions below for more information and getting help.
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Where to get help?

All support issues should be directed to Zoom’s 24/7 tech support line by first calling 1-888-799-9666. If Zoom cannot resolve your issue, then contact

How to Join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar

CCL uses a variety of Zoom lines for different meetings depending on what you are interested in attending. 

  • CCL's monthly meeting with a national speaker, weekly group leader calls and Thursday evening Citizens' Climate University trainings all use the main line: (Meeting ID: 2017-2017-17)
  • Core Volunteer Training (Tuesday evenings) uses the URL: (Meeting ID: 273-716-354).
  • For other CCL Zoom meetings, refer to the event details and follow the same instructions for logging in, substituting your meeting ID for the example 2017201717.
How to Join a Zoom Meeting or Webinar
Audio only option (phone conference)
  • If you have unlimited long-distance calling, then please use our toll number: 1 408.638.0968 (US Toll) and enter your meeting code: (ex: 2017201717 #).
  • If you have a limited calling plan, then use the toll-free number: 1 877.369.0926 (US Toll Free)and enter your meeting code (ex: 2017201717 #)
How to Download Zoom and Join Webinars Using the Application
  • Download the Zoom app from the Zoom Download page  (labeled “Zoom Client for Meetings”) or the Apple AppStore or Google Play.
  • Click on the application file from where your computer downloaded it to and follow its installation instructions.
  • Once installed, open the application.
  • Select “Join a Meeting” and enter the meeting ID (ex: 2017201717 (no period).
  • Make sure your audio and video are connected and click “Join.”
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