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Action Team
Let's face it, we veterans are wired a little...differently. 

But we're also a part of a very influential group of people, with some very influential organizations. So let's use this forum as an opportunity to do two things:
  1. Talk about climate change, CF&D and other related items and how they will affect our military, our veterans and our country
  2. Exchange best practices for how to leverage our veteran status, engage with veteran groups and other veterans
You know as well as I do that veterans are often skeptical creatures, and are hesitant to get involved in anything "political"...let's work together to mobilize this group to do good once more.

More Info

The implications of climate change on national security will not be a top focus, as there is already a CCL group for that. 

However, some of our speakers, and some of the messaging & best practices we'll talk about may include info that does skew that way.

The focus of this group will be on preparing CCLers to have positive interactions and engagements with veterans & veterans groups.

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