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Our Mission: To encourage Members of Congress in coastal districts to cosponsor the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.
The Sea Level Rise Initiative, now called Sea Level Rise Action Team (SLR-AT) is includes 74  coastal districts from Long Island, NY south to Florida and west to Texas.  These districts will be impacted by 4 feet of sea level rise (SLR).  Click here  to find the Sheets Workbook with three tabs.  To read about the SLR-AT concept, click on Files on the left of this page and then on Sea Level Rise Initiative SUMMARY.    There are other documents in Files which offer ways of considering whether a MoC might cosponsor 763.   The SLR-AT purpose is to identify SLR impacts which House Representatives have in common and to provide a way for CCL chapters in different districts to work together to educate MoC about those commonalities.  Your MoC has more power with others, than alone.   
Thomas Wells is the Action Team Leader    

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Welcome to Sea Level Rise Action Team.  We will be choosing a monthly evening call date soon.   

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