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Welcome to CCL’s Electrification Action Team!

Vision: Buildings everywhere have zero emissions.

Mission: Utilize CCL’s levers of political will with all levels of government, our communities, and the electric and transport industries to drive greater electrification and energy efficiency.

Resources: EAT maintains a public Google Drive folder, so that our materials are easily accessible by CCLers and by our community partners. We allow anybody to view and comment, but not to delete. Our Landing Page and Overview Deck is a good starting point for finding resources:

  • Engaging to Electrify: federal, state, & local govts, and Community Based Orgs. Revisit our six-part outreach / coalition building workshop series from April-June 2024.
  • Centers of Excellence: Details about heat pumps, water heaters, induction stoves, EVs, the grid, IT, community engagement, even yard tools
  • Show me the Money: incentives and operating cost comparisons
  • State & Local Policy Asks
  • Details: WHY to Electrify, and HOW (tech, financial, finding contractors)
This Google Doc is a summary of all our webinars, with links to decks and other resources; recordings are on our

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