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About Us
Action Team

Welcome to CCL’s Building Electrification Action Team.

Our Vision: Buildings everywhere have zero emissions.

Our Mission: Utilize CCL’s levers of political will with all levels of government, communities, and the electric and transport industries to drive greater electrification and energy efficiency consistent with achieving national emissions reductions goals.

Our Resources: On this page, you'll find direct links to our webinars, select CCL resources, and select external resources. Our Google Drive repository has much more material; the key to finding it is our deceptively simple sounding Overview Deck

  • Details: WHY to Electrify, and HOW (technical, financial, and finding contractors)
  • Engaging to Electrify: Governments & Community Orgs (federal, state, local, and Community Based Organizations)
  • Action Team Centers of Excellence (we have ten, and growing! Heat pumps, water heaters, induction stoves, EVs, the grid, IT, community engagement, and even yard tools!)
  • Finding Federal Funds
  • Noteworthy State & Local Policies

Upcoming Events

No events scheduled yet, but stay tuned!