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The Levers of Political Will

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These are the five core activities that all Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters leverage to bring citizens into the political process and to ensure their contribution is constructive and makes more effective climate action possible. We call these activities the “levers of political will.”

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Lobbying Congress

We train citizens how to lobby in support of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act by building friendly relationships with our federally elected representatives, consistently calling Congress, and engaging them on social media.

Media Relations

We train citizens how to engage with and influence the media. We write letters to the editors and op-eds, meet with editorial boards and work to place stories in all forms of media.

Grassroots Outreach

We recruit and educate the public on climate solutions, citizen advocacy and how to participate with one’s government.

Grasstops Engagement

We seek to educate, build partnerships with and gain the support of community leaders and non-governmental organizations, both nationally and locally.

Group Development & Organizing

It is through the growth and management of local CCL chapters (groups), that it becomes possible to push on the other four levers for building political will.

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From the July 21st, 2020 Emerging Group Leader Call
  • Don Kraus

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Emerging Group Leaders Call - Five Levers of Political Will - July 9, 2019

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Background on the Five Levers
(From the Beginning)



Grassroots Outreach 

Grasstops Engagement

Chapter Development 


Ricky Bradley

Madeleine Para

Steve Valk

Stephanie Doyle

Ashley Hunt-Martorano

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