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Welcome to CCL's Ocean and Seafood Action Team

Ocean and Seafood's focus is to engage with coastal communities & reach out to groups such as sport and commercial fisheries organizations, recreation and tourist industries and enlist their support to move Congress to pass on Carbon Fee & Dividend.
We work to educate CCL members about the plight of communities located in coastal area subject to flooding and displacement and the threats we face from ocean acidification (OA) and sea level rise.

Staying up to date on the latest ocean science is part of this effort, but the primary focus of this group is information sharing and coordination of local chapter initiatives to reach out to both local and national organizations and individuals who are concerned about and/or actively working to address the threats.

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Previous CCL Training/Webinars
Oceans & Seafood Action Team Call - Linda Behnken, Alaska Longline Fishermen's Assn., April 2020
CCL National Call Speaker Julia Roberson, VP of Communications Ocean Conservancy, May 2018
The Oceans & Global Change - Dr. Andrew McDonnell, Oct. 2015
Ocean & Climate Interactions - Dr. Danny Richter, Oct. 2014
Ocean Acidification - Dr. Phil Bresnahan, Oct. 2014

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