Important things to capture:

  • What was the supporting ask in this meeting?
  • Concerns of the staffer/MOC with respect to our policy.
  • Questions the staffer/MOC had about our policy.
  • Recommendations the staffer/MOC had about our policy or strategy.
  • Points about our strategy or policy the staffer/MOC found interesting.
  • Who the MOC works well with across the aisle, or in their own party.
  • Separate (in parentheses or brackets), your sense of the staffer. Were they engaged? Were they interested? Were they hostile? Did they want to be anywhere but in that meeting? What was their body language? Discuss this with others after the meeting as well to make sure your impressions match.
  • Action items for the MOC/staffer or what they agreed to do.
  • Action items and follow-up for your group.

Note: Please do not include statements that praise or criticize the CCL volunteers in the meeting notes. Handle any such issues separately with your regional coordinator or group leader.

If you wish to edit your meeting minutes:

  1. Please email us at: Do not submit a duplicate report.
  2. Write the meeting ID number (from your lobby schedule, if you don't have one just enter "99999"), and the Congressional State and District and Member’s name in your Subject line.
  3. If you wish to add a paragraph to the notes, let us know it is an addition.
  4. If it is a slight correction (spelling or 2-3 minor changes), let us know what is misspelled or needs changed.
  5. If it needs a complete rewrite, let us know it is a replacement.

If you have issues using the form or need to resubmit, please contact us.

Meeting Minutes Form