Emerging Group Leaders

Topic page to support you in your effort to grow into the role of group leader, and in many cases, to start a chapter from scratch.


Every Tuesday evening CCL's Director of Field Development Elli Sparks hosts an Emerging Group Leader Call - this Training Topic page features links to all of the most recent calls. 

Recommended training, resources, and more

Levers of Political Will

The five core activities that all Citizens’ Climate Lobby chapters leverage to bring citizens into the political process and to ensure their contribution is constructive and makes more effective climate action possible.  Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Lobbying & Liaisons

Learn about lobbying CCL style from Amy Bennett, who serves as our Director of Congressional Liaisons and Lobby Days.  Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Media - Print, Digital, and Social

Learn about working with media from Flannery Winchester, CCL Communications Coordinator.  Learn now!

Grassroots - Presentations

CCL volunteer and Presentations Program Coordinator, David Cain teaches tips and tricks for using presentations to grow your chapter.  Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Grassroots – Tabling, Delegating, and Growing Your Group

Don Addu, CCL's regional director for the Southeast, discusses tips and tricks to tabling and engaging volunteers.ur chapter into teams to tackle the work.  Learn now!

Grasstops - Coalition Building, Influencers, and Endorsers

Stephanie Doyle, CCL National Outreach and Partnership Coordinator covers what do Members of Congress think of endorsements? Which endorsements to go after and what does coalition building look like at the group level? at CCL national level?  Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Starting a Group in a Challenging Community

Joanne Levoy, Las Vegas group leader, speaks about organizing in challenging areas. If you struggle to find your CCL voice in your community, this call is for you!  Learn now!

The Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

CCL National Outreach and Partnership Coordinator Taylor Krause shares information about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.  Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

You’ve Already Got the Skills you Need to Start a Chapter!

Madeleine Para, CCL Vice President of Programs, shares about skills that are helpful for starting a CCL chapter and what previous experience is helpful. Learn now!

CCL’s DC Conference & Lobby Days

CCL’s Executive Director Mark Reynolds addresses questions about the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and the CCL Conference and Lobby Day in DC.  Learn now!

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CCL’s History and Beginnings

Marshall Saunders, CCL Founder shares the story of how he started Citizens' Climate Lobby.  Learn now!

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CCL Community Orientation

CCL Volunteer Education & Engagement Coordinator Brett Cease walks throughs a tour of Community - the CCL volunteer training and communication platform.  Learn now!

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Action Teams and Monthly Action Items

CCL Field Development Director Elli Sparks talks about how we get ourselves moving in a coordinated fashion across all fifty states each month (monthly action items) and our action teams.  Learn now!

Dive Deeper

Share your questions about getting started with organizing your CCL group in the Emerging Leaders Group.