Citizens’ Climate Radio Ep. 48: Conservatives Advocate For Climate Policy

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Citizens’ Climate Radio is a monthly podcast hosted by CCL volunteer Peterson Toscano. This episode features interviews with volunteers who attended the Conservative Climate Lobby Day. Browse all our past episode recaps here, or listen to past episodes here, and check out the latest episode in the post below. 

In February, Citizens’ Climate Radio host Peterson Toscano traveled to Washington, D.C., for CCL’s first ever Conservative Climate Lobby Day. More than 90 people attended from all over the country to meet with Republican staff and members of Congress about climate change and a path forward.

In this episode you will hear excerpts from interviews with volunteer lobbyists Carlos Simms, Mary Lawing, Katie Zakrzewski, Isuru Seneviratne, and Cindy Burbank. Alex Flint, the Executive Director at Alliance for Market Solutions, spoke during the February event on a panel with other Republican climate leaders. Mr. Flint previously served as staff director of the U.S. Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources. He was the senior vice president of governmental affairs at the Nuclear Energy Institute and was a member of President Trump’s transition team. He outlines for us the dramatic shifts he has witnessed while speaking with lawmakers on climate.

Jim Tolbert, CCL’s Conservative Outreach Director and Jacob Abel, a CCL conservative fellow, provide insider glimpses to the conversations about climate change they have with fellow Conservatives. 

In this episode, you will learn what has changed in the Republican party on climate, and the new landscape climate advocates face when lobbying conservative members of Congress. Guests will share what Republicans bring to the climate conversation and the conservative values that compel them to pursue effective ways to transform our energy economy. You will also receive specific advice and learn the ways these conservatives are speaking with their family, friends, and elected leaders about climate change.

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Puzzler question

Peterson updated last month’s puzzler question and made it more personal. Here is the question slightly restated:

In a Zoom call you share your renewed commitment to promote climate solutions and ask your friend, Gretchen, to join your group. Gretchen slowly shakes her head and says, “I am concerned about the planet too, but with so many people affected by Covid-19, I think we are just going to have to deal with that first. Climate action is very important but for so many people right now, there are more pressing issues to address.”

The dilemma so many of us face right now is that climate action has been eclipsed by an immediate threat to humanity. How are you dealing with this? How are you navigating this new landscape? How are you adapting? What is a resource you have found helpful? 

Share your answers with Peterson by June 17, 2020. Leave a voicemail at (518) 595-9414 (+1 if calling from outside the U.S.). You can email your answers to radio @

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