Project Charter Workshop Team Is Here To Help You Achieve Your Goals

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By Sandy Simon, CCL’s Help Desk Coordinator, National Resolutions Project Coordinator and Print Media Action Team Co-Leader

Have you had an idea for an ambitious goal to help CCL pass carbon fee and dividend legislation? If so, CCL’s Project Charter Workshop is for you!36630ca99a61b408188a594af6a97fd2-huge-sn

The Project Charter Workshop was created to help CCL volunteers transform their big ideas into robust projects that produce results. This advanced workshop, run by Master Coach and CCL volunteer Steve Levin, creates a unique opportunity for volunteers with ambitious project ideas to turn those ideas into reality.

The workshop guides attendees through the process of creating a high-level plan for an actual project, using a Project Charter which:

  • Sets specific, realistic goals
  • Inspires others through a vision of success
  • Builds an effective project team
  • Wins the support of key stakeholders
  • Identifies possible pitfalls in order to avoid them
  • Creates a high-level action plan to follow
  • Keeps attendees motivated and on track

During the workshop, you will refine your plan and goal so that it is focused enough to make real progress within 3-6 months. Workshop leader Steve Levin says, “It’s fabulous that our volunteers arrive with an inspired idea that requires thoughtful leadership, teamwork and sustained effort…and after just two hours they leave with a high-level plan to engage others and get solid results!"

Join us at our next workshop. You can sign up on our Project Charter Workshops CCL Community training page.

About the Workshop Team:

  • Steve Levin is the creator and leader of this advanced workshop. He’s a CCL volunteer and an executive coach and organizational consultant with 30 years' experience Leading Change. He supports leaders to think more strategically, lead empowered teams, and show up as the best version of themselves. He loves training, mentoring and coaching CCL volunteers to step up to their next level of leadership.
  • Elli Sparks is CCL’s Field Development Director and leads the FLOW workshops, among others.
  • Sandy Simon is a certified coach, CCL’s Help Desk Coordinator, National Resolutions Project Coordinator and Print Media Action Team Co-Leader.

Here’s what past participants say about the Project Charter Workshops:

    In short order you move from thinking about something you would like to do to having an action-oriented game plan. It really prompted me to keep the momentum going, and listening to other CCLers' goals and plans was very inspiring. -- Meg H., MA Central Massachusetts Volunteer

    You thoughtfully guided me through the process of fully fleshing out an idea, creating a plan to implement it, identifying metrics for success, and thinking through who I would need on my team to make it come to fruition. Thank you for a great workshop! -- Elizabeth D., Regional Coordinator, USA Great Lakes

    This workshop moved my nebulous idea to an actionable plan. The planning framework was very thorough, helping me think through and organize various aspects of the project. There was a great mix of independent work time and talking with others to hear their ideas and perspectives. I left with a much clearer sense of how to push the project forward, and I am inspired to do that! -- Rose H., VA Fairfax County Chapter Co-Leader

Posted by Brett Cease on Mar 1, 2021 9:00 AM America/Los_Angeles

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