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The Project Charter Workshop supports you in transforming an ambitious idea that will help CCL move toward passage of carbon fee and dividend legislation into a robust project that produces results. During this training you will create a high-level plan for your CCL initiative that covers all the essential aspects of a well-designed project.
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Registration for Next Workshop

Register on Eventbrite for the next Project Charter Workshop Here.

For subsequent workshops, see registration information below. 


You will be guided by a professional coach to create a high level plan for your actual project.

• Set specific, realistic goals

• Inspire others through a vision of success

• Build an effective project team

• Win the support of key stakeholders

• Identify pitfalls and avoid them

• Create a high-level action plan to follow

• Keep yourself motivated and on track!

Who Should Attend

• You are a CCL volunteer with an ambitious CCL project idea that you want to lead or co-lead.

• You can join this Zoom workshop from a laptop or desktop computer (not a phone or tablet) with a reliable internet connection, so you can refine your actual Project Charter, step-by-step, on a custom Google Doc as we go.

• You agree to prepare by spending at least 30 minutes on “homework” that will lead to your having a much better workshop experience.


• Arrive with a well-defined, ambitious CCL project idea that you will plan and refine.

◦ Choose a project that, when successful, will make a significant contribution to achieving CCL’s laser-focused mission and goals

◦ Choose a project that is:

Focused enough to make real progress within 3-6 months, and 

Complex enough that it will require:

▪ Effective leadership

▪ Coordinated teamwork

▪ Sustained effort to be fully successful

• Spend at least 30 minutes before you arrive to create a first draft of your charter, using the instructions and a custom Google doc that we will provide 4-5 days before the workshop. This will allow you to keep up with the workshop’s fast pace.

• Planning as a team? There are limited opportunities for 2-3 CCL volunteers to attend together in order to plan a shared project. Please contact at before you register to discuss whether this is appropriate and how to organize this for success. Here's the questions we'd love to know in your email:

  1. Will you attend the upcoming workshop? (Yes or No)
  2. Please describe your specific project goal in 1 or 2 complete sentences.
  3. We have limited space for small teams (2-3 people) to attend together to work on a single project. This needs to be arranged in advance. Do you aim to attend with colleagues who have already registered?
    • a. If so, what are the names of your colleagues?
    • b. Who among you will take the lead so we can make arrangements in advance? How can we reach this person (cell phone and email, please)?
 Agenda for this 2-hour Zoom workshop:

1. Get oriented - Understand the Project Charter tool. See a good example and what makes it meaningful and effective.

2. Try it - Review the draft of your project charter and get coaching to improve it on the spot!

3. Refine it - Discuss and upgrade your drafts with each other or with a CCL Project Coach.

4. Launch it - Practice how to engage others to support your project. 

Your Project Charter will engage both the Head and Heart to produce great results.

• Head: Your Project Charter will be logical, thoughtful and useful

• Heart: Your Project Charter will also engage, inspire and motivate others to say, “Yes! How can I help?”

What Past Participants Have to Say About This Workshop:

In short order you move from thinking about something you would like to do to having an action-oriented game plan. It really prompted me to keep the momentum going, and listening to other CCLers' goals and plans was very inspiring.

-- Meg H., MA Central Massachusetts Volunteer

You thoughtfully guided me through the process of fully fleshing out an idea, creating a plan to implement it, identifying metrics for success, and thinking through who I would need on my team to make it come to fruition. Thank you for a great workshop!

-- Elizabeth D., Regional Coordinator, USA Great Lakes

This workshop moved my nebulous idea to an actionable plan. The planning framework was very thorough, helping me think through and organize various aspects of the project. There was a great mix of independent work time and talking with others to hear their ideas and perspectives. I left with a much clearer sense of how to push the project forward, and I am inspired to do that!

-- Rose H., VA Fairfax County Chapter Co-Leader

The workshop was very helpful to think out all the details and pitfalls my project might face. It also helped me to set a clear goal and time frame to complete the project. Working in pairs in a breakout session allowed me to think out loud about the barriers to pulling off my project. Nice job and thanks for holding this!

-- Jon C., Regional Coordinator, USA Appalachia

I loved that this workshop made me think of aspects of my project that I would not otherwise have thought about. I recommend this to everyone who wants an action plan that will guarantee accomplishments and a favorable outcome. 

-- Solemi H., Regional Coordinator, USA Southeast

Upcoming Workshops

To attend the next upcoming workshop (held on Sundays) please register here. To be notified of future CCL Project Charter Workshop dates, please email your request to: Once you RSVP, you will receive the video conference meeting connection information in your Eventbrite confirmation email, and we will send a reminder in the days leading up to the workshop. If you do not receive either message or have trouble finding the meeting access information, please email

About the Workshop Team: 

• Steve Levin is the creator and leader of this advanced workshop. He’s a CCL volunteer and an executive coach and organizational consultant with 30 years' experience Leading Change. He supports leaders to think more strategically, lead empowered teams, and show up as the best version of themselves. He loves training, mentoring and coaching CCL volunteers to step up to their next level of leadership.

• Elli Sparks is CCL’s Field Development Director and leads the FLOW workshops, among others. 

• Sandy Simon is a certified coach, CCL’s Help Desk Coordinator, National Resolutions Project Coordinator and Print Media Action Team Co-Leader.

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