New Community Onboarding Action Team The Secret Sauce for Chapter Development

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By Sandy Simon, Onboarding Action Team Leader

Have you been considering how to increase your chapter’s onboarding team, activate and retain new volunteers, and expand your group’s size and capacity? If so, you’ll want to join the new Community Onboarding Action Team!

About the Action Team

de7ab52f66047b924ebb296035fb935b-huge-b0The mission of the Onboarding Action Team is to provide a place for education and the sharing of resources for the onboarding process in a nurturing, interactive and enjoyable environment. We view onboarding expansively to include acclimating new and prospective volunteers, activating and retaining volunteers, and chapter development and organization.

Each month, Elli Sparks and I will feature guest speakers from chapters, staff and volunteers with specialized knowledge pertaining to onboarding. Our chapter guest speakers have a proven track record for successful onboarding, volunteer engagement and retention, providing resources and tools, and increasing chapter size and capacity. We create a learning environment for GLs and onboarding teams who are seeking information on successful onboarding processes for their own chapters.

Upcoming Speaker Line-up (Tuesdays at 9:00 a.m. PT/12:00 p.m. ET):

Having effective onboarding teams is a critical step toward expanding chapter membership and capacity. Join our action team today and receive notices of upcoming meetings and valuable resources for your chapter.

Posted by Brett Cease on Sep 7, 2021 6:30 AM America/Los_Angeles

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