Video: Ohio Brewer Endorses Energy Innovation Act

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Market Garden Brewery, Cleveland, OHBusiness Climate Leaders (BCL), a CCL Action Team, has produced a wonderful video in support of the Energy Innovation Act. The video features Andy Tveekrem, brewmaster and co-founder of Market Garden Brewery in Cleveland, OH, explaining how climate change impacts his supply chain and how and why a national price on carbon is critical to business success.

This video is a part of BCL's video series called “Business Leaders Make the Case for Carbon Pricing.” It was produced in collaboration with CCL, BCL and the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC).

Posted by Brett Cease on Oct 9, 2019 12:27 PM America/Los_Angeles


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There was a study in Nature Plants ( ) that even made a couple of the late night shows. "Climate Change Threatens Beer Production & America’s Projected $1 Trillion Deficit | The Daily Show" and "Trump Brags About His 'Natural Instinct For Science'" around 3:45

It'd be great to have both large and smaller local breweries come up with solutions to this problem. While making hardier barley that can survive climate change using directed evolution and gene editing may be one solution, hopefully the solutions will focus on the bigger picture and try to help tackle the root problem.
  • Posted Thu 17 Oct 2019 10:01 AM PDT
Thanks Tomokazu for sharing these links and know that the Brewer's Climate Declaration ( is working on just that if you'd like to get more involved!
  • Posted Thu 17 Oct 2019 10:40 AM PDT
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This is GREAT (although the audio is low), but why isn't it on the Endorsement web site or on Endorsement Map. I don't see Garden Brewery. Maybe I missed them...
I want to send this video to some fence sitters I have in St Pete and see if I can get them to move to endorse. But I want them to see Garden has endorsed HR763

  • Posted Wed 09 Oct 2019 03:33 PM PDT
Thanks Bill Marshall‍ for the suggestion - for any of these updates feel free to email for their consideration!
  • Posted Wed 09 Oct 2019 04:31 PM PDT
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I see it. Good, this happened to me with one small, sole owner brewer here. I also see it on the map now, but no mention of the Garden Brewery on the map. I think the team should correct that so the map shows the brewery's name. Otherwise it is much much harder to find.
  • Posted Wed 09 Oct 2019 04:08 PM PDT
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Thanks Bill Marshall‍ for the excellent question - I'm not sure why, but this endorsement is listed under Individuals -search for Andy Tveekrem the owner :) 
  • Posted Wed 09 Oct 2019 03:38 PM PDT
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