October Meeting w/ Kiera O'Brien 1800
October Meeting w/ Kiera O'Brien
Kiera O'Brien, Students for Carbon Dividends

There’s been a shift among Republicans in Congress on climate change, due in no small part to polling that shows younger GOP voters are as concerned about climate change as their progressive counterparts. As vice president of Students for Carbon Dividends, Kiera O’Brien is working to harness that passion among young conservatives to generate political will for carbon dividends legislation, which places a fee on carbon and gives revenue to households (sound familiar?). Kiera, who is President Emeritus of the Harvard Republican Club, recently testified at a congressional hearing alongside Republican pollster Frank Luntz. Over the summer, she spoke about carbon dividends at the Teen Vogue Summit: “There are many climate-oriented groups rallying around the problem, but Students for Carbon Dividends is rallying around the solution.”

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October's Monthly Actions (click here to download the full sheet)

  1. Organize for Call Congress Day and November Lobby Day
  2. Tweet your members of Congress on our November 12th Lobby Day
  3. Laser talk exercise: Dividend Delivery

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Saturday October 12th, 2019 10:00am PDT
Saturday October 12th, 2019 11:00am PDT
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