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Call Congress

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Calling your Senators and Representative helps create the political will needed to solve global warming by demonstrating constituent concern. Call your members of Congress to amplify our voices and help move Congress closer to enacting the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Action. 

TOC and Guide Section
Getting started

Use CCL’s online calling tool to: 

  1. Get the phone numbers for your members of Congress
  2. See and use a simple script for House members and Senators
  3. Be sure to click the "DONE CALLING" button so that your calls are reported and you don’t need to file a field report. Your calls are now automatically reported (it may take up to a week to show up) via the Action Tracker tool, so there's no need for you to log an action yourself.

If you call your member of Congress directly - not using CCL’s online calling tool, be sure to: 

  1. Start by saying that you are a constituent and a voter and climate is your highest priority issue
  2. If your Representative is a bill co-sponsor then express appreciation, otherwise, ask your Representative to “cosponsor” the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, H.R. 763.
  3. When you call your two Senators, ask them to “cosponsor” the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act when it is reintroduced in the Senate.
  4. Report your calls via logging an action in the Action Tracker so that we know how many calls were made
Lobbying Congress