Community Release - August 11, 2020

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Updates and Bug Fixes include a major upgrade to the search feature, Group Email updates, and video embed uploads.

New and Updated Content include new trainings and resources for Canva Templates, Letterhead, and interactive updates for Core Volunteer Training.

What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. On CCL Community, we'll release updates every other week.

New Features

  • Search Filters. A major upgrade to the CCL Community search feature allows for filtering results by category and sorting by relevance and date. How would a member take advantage of the filters and sorting options? Say you want to find all of the training topics associated with The Energy Innovation Act.
    1. Enter "energy innovation act" in the search field.
    2. Select the "Training topic" filter
    3. See 12 results!
    4. You can sort the results by those pages that are newest or oldest online.
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  • Video embeds. Video sharing on CCL Community is now limited to embedding videos from a file sharing service like YouTube or Vimeo.

Bug Fixes

  • Group Email Fix. Fixed a bug where group email was only being delivered to a member's CCLCommunity inbox vs to both the member's personal email and their CCL Community inbox.

New & Updated Content



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