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General FAQs
General FAQs


You can bookmark any page in CCL Community, such as resources or training pages, your groups, a friend's profile, or forum topics and categories. 

Watch how to bookmark your favorite page(s) with this short training video (1:24 min) 

 To add a bookmark, look for the bookmark icon (see below):

On pages where the bookmark is available it is either at the top of the page content  or towards the bottom. If you don’t see it, find it by searching the page (Ctrl+F or Cmd+F)  for “bookmark.”  

Click on the bookmark icon, and a notification that your bookmarks have been updated will appear. 

The new bookmark will then appear in the "My Bookmarks" block at the top of the left sidebar of your Dashboard.

Note: Pages that are not bookmarkable don't have a number in the URL.  These pages cannot be bookmarked due to current limitations of the platform.

You can remove bookmarks by selecting "Remove bookmark" in the “My Bookmarks” block on your Dashboard

Note: No one will know or be notified if you bookmark their event, forum post or profile.

Finding and Signing Up for CCL Community Events

Events are an important feature of CCL Community, and help members stay in touch with developing news as well as offer opportunities for deepening their understanding of important issues. Scheduled events are displayed on a national event calendar and include trainings, conferences, local chapter and regional meetings, and national leadership meetings.

To access the national event calendar, click on the “CCL Events” link on the top menu bar of any page. This will open the CCL Events page. Featured events are displayed as well as a monthly calendar. On the right side of the page you can filter events displayed at top of page by event type.  

Local, regional and national events are also displayed on your Dashboard in the “Upcoming Events” block on the left side of the page.  Any events that you have signed up for are displayed in the “My Events” block. 

Local chapter and Action Team events can also be accessed using the “Events” link on the group home page.

To RSVP for an event, or to find out more about it, click the event name on the CCL Events page in the top area or in the calendar.  Or, click the event name in the “Upcoming Events” block in the Dashboard.  On the event page, you can sign up for the event, or indicate you are a “maybe” or that you are not planning to attend.

The benefits of RSVPing for an event are: 

  • The event will be displayed in the “My Events” block on your Dashboard. 
  • It lets both the event organizer and other members know you plan on attending
  • The event organizer will be able to communicate directly with you about the event and provide updates and reminders. 

You can also click on a link to add the event to a personal calendar (different calendar types are displayed in a dropdown). There is also a block to share the event on one of your social media accounts, if desired. 

Using the Action Tracker

The Action Tracker is an application on CCL Community that enables CCL members to log and display actions and activities that build political will for action on climate change, using one of CCL’s five levers.  An action can be in pursuit of either federal or state-level efforts.  If you are a member or Group Leader that has completed an action or activity, click on the Action Tracker link on top left corner of your dashboard and then click on the green "Log an Action" button. 

Before logging your first action, review the Using the Action Tracker training page, which covers the objectives, details, and instructions about how to use the Action Tracker.

By logging and tracking member actions over time, the Action Tracker provides data that can be conveyed to Congress, the media, and foundations to demonstrate CCL’s effectiveness. Also, it enables chapters to assess their progress and plan future actions.

View CCL Community in Other Languages

Do you want  to view CCL Community in another language?  Go to the green footer (bottom) of any page and click on the "Select Language" dropdown. 

Choose from over 100 languages to instantly translate the site into your desired language. Change back to English or to any other language at any time. 

Note: Translation is provided by Google Translate. 

Update Your Profile

To update your profile go to the top green toolbar banner on any page and click on your name. This will go to your Member Profile

Here you can update contact information (kept private), personal information, and interests. Just click on any of the “[edit]” links.  Or, scroll down and click “Edit Profile” on left side.  Here, you can conveniently edit all your profile details in one screen, with tabs for each item.

Note: Moving from one tab to another doesn’t save your updates. You must click "Save" at the bottom of each section before leaving that tab.

However, to change your name and password, go to Account Settings. Click the wrench icon on top green toolbar to get there.  Also go to Account Settings to revise your e-mail address and site signature. 

The “My Interests” tab is where you can tell us what you’re interested in doing within CCL.  By sharing interests, we can recommend content and connect you with others who are also interested in your area(s).  Your group leaders will also be able to recommend specific actions tailored to your interests.

To change your chapter or congressional district, follow the link in the "CCL Info" tab. 

To add or change your profile photo, see the FAQ below.  

Watch this video (7:05 min) on how to update your profile.

Regarding privacy: Only logged-in CCL members can view your profile. Your contact information including your mailing address, email address and phone numbers are never displayed on your profile. 

Upload/Change Your Profile Photo

To add or change your profile photo, click on your name on the top green banner of any page. This will bring up your Member Profile.

On the upper right left side of your Member Profile page, select the camera icon. A list of actions will be displayed. Choose “Add Profile Photo.” 

Then in the resulting dialogue box, browse to the desired photo on your computer or device, select it, and click “open.”  Next, the photo will be displayed in a box. You can drag the image to adjust the cropping.  Select “Save” to make it your profile photo. 

For best results, crop a copy of the photo on your computer or device to the portion of the image you want and in a square format.

The acceptable file types are JPG, PNG, TIFF, GIF,  or BMP and the maximum size allowed is 20 MB. 

If you want to change your profile photo, follow the directions above for adding a photo. Browse to the new photo, select, crop and save, and the old photo will be replaced. 

If you want to re-crop your profile photo, click on the camera icon and select “Crop Profile Photo.”

Adding a Cover Photo to Your Profile Page

Members have the option of adding a photo or other image to their Member Profile in the large blue area at the top of the page. To upload a photo or image, first go to your Member Profile by clicking on your name in the top green toolbar on any page.

Then click the camera icon in the top right corner of the large blue area and then choose  “Add Profile Cover Photo” from the menu.

Browse to the desired image file on your computer or device, and click “open.”  The image will appear in a box showing how it will look when cropped to fit in the blue area. Drag the image to desired cropping and click ‘Save.” 

Note: The format of the cover photo area is a long horizontal, so select an image that can be successfully cropped to fit. 

Update "About Me" Information

To update or add  information such as your background or reasons for joining CCL  first click on your name in the top green toolbar on any  page. This will take you to your Member Profile. Either click on “Edit Profile” on the left side, or on the “[edit]” link on top right.  Then select the “About Me” tab to enter or update information. Information that you enter here will appear under the "About Me" block  when people view your profile.

Viewing My Messages, My Friends, and My Files

To view messages that you’ve sent to or received from other CCL Community members, and notifications from CCL staff or group leaders, click on the envelope icon on the top green toolbar on any page. To view your CCL Community friends, click on the person icon on the top green toolbar on any page.

To view files that you’ve uploaded to a group, action team, or to your personal files folder, click on your photo and name on the top green toolbar. This will open your profile page. On the lower left side, you’ll see the “My Files” block. Click on “Manage My Files.” Or just click on this link.

Adding a File, Photo, or Video to My Files

In addition to uploading documents and media to a chapter or group page, members can upload files, photos, or videos to their personal My Files, My Photos, or My Videos pages.  To access these pages, click on the profile icon on the top green toolbar. Scroll down the left hand side to the “My Files” block and select “Manage My Files.”

You will then see the My Files page where you can upload many types of files, including PDF, word processing, or spreadsheet documents. Click the link “Add File” in the blue bar or right side to display a box where you can browse to files to upload. 

If you wish to upload a photo or a video, click on the “My Photos” or “My Videos” link in block on right side of page. 

On the My Photos page, select the blue button “+Photo”  and follow instructions to select and upload the desired image.

On the My Videos page select the blue button “+Video” and follow instructions to "embed" a video. For detailed instructions on embedding videos, see this FAQ. The FAQ is for group pages but the same instructions apply to My Videos

For photos and videos, you have the option to select “share sitewide” when uploading. This means that those files becomes public and any member can view them.  It is necessary to do this if you want to share a photo or video with another CCL member, for example.

Updating Your Contact Information

If you've changed your address, phone number, or email here is how to update your contact information.  

1. Click your profile name on the top green toolbar on any page. This will take you to the Member Profile page.

2. Click on any of the "[edit]" links to open an editing view with multiple tabs. 

3. Select any of these tabs to update your contact information: "Address," "Phone Number," or "Email."  For email,  you will be directed to update that in Account Settings. You can update your phone number and address in the edit view. 

Any changes made to your mailing address, phone number or email will be saved to CCL’s database. 

After making changes, be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save” before exiting the tab.

Please always use the Member Profile page to update contact information. Do not email CCL requesting changes. Your mailing address, phone numbers, and email will never be displayed publicly or to another CCL Community member. 

Privacy - Contact Information

For more information regarding CCL's Privacy Policy and the protection of your personally-Identifying information visit our full policy here.

Changing Your Name on CCL Community

Members may want to revise their name on CCL Community due to change in martial status, legal change of name, misspelling, or personal preference (replacing a first name with a nickname, for example).
To do this, click on the wrench icon on the top green toolbar of any page to go to Account SettingsSelect the “Settings” tab (it should default to that). Make desired changes in the “First Name” and/or “Last Name” text fields. 

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Save Changes” button. 

Update Your Privacy Settings

To access your privacy settings click on the wrench icon at the top of any page to go to Account Settings. Once there, select the "Privacy" tab to change what information is private, visible to friends only, or visible to everybody in CCL Community.

Note: Personal information such as your email address, mailing address and phone numbers are never displayed on your profile. However, you can control which users see other parts of your profile. 

On the "Privacy" tab of the Account Settings page, select whether “Everybody,” “Friends only,” or “Nobody” can perform an action or view content for the categories listed (default setting is “Everybody”). After making any changes, make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save” before exiting this screen. Otherwise, your updates will not be saved. 

Changing Your CCL Community Password

To change your CCL Community login password, click on the wrench icon on the top green toolbar of any page to go to Account SettingsSelect the “Settings” tab (it should default to that).

Scroll down to the “Change Password” text fields. You will need to enter your current password as well as your new password (twice).  Be sure to make a note of your new password for future logins.  

Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the blue “Save Changes” button.

Note: Your password must have a minimum of 6 characters, at least 1 uppercase letter, and at least one number or special character.

If you don’t remember your current password, click the "Forgot password?" link from the login page and have a new password sent to your email address.

Change Your CCL Email Address

To change the email address associated with your CCL account click on the wrench icon at the top of any page to go to Account Settings.   Then  scroll down to the "Email Address" section, enter your new email address twice, and then scroll to the bottom and click the blue "Save changes" button to confirm. 

Note: Since CCL Community is integrated  with the CCL database, updating your name and/or email address on the Account Settings page means your name and email address will change everywhere within CCL’s database (your chapter’s roster, CCL emails, conference registrations, etc.). 

Managing Email Notification Preferences

To change whether or not you are notified by email about actions and events in CCL Community, go to Account Settings by clicking on wrench icon in the green toolbar at the top of any page.   
Select the “Notification” tab to see this list of actions and events: 
  • Messages sent to you
  • Comments on your profile
  • Updates to the Community Bulletin
  • Invitations to events
  • Group activity
  • Replies to forum posts
  • Likes for your content
  • @mentions

Check or uncheck the boxes by each action or event to choose whether you want to be notified or not. You can select “All Communication” to receive all notifications or “Unsubscribe from Community notifications” to receive none.  

For all checked actions or events you will be notified instantly. Unlike forum subscriptions, there isn’t a digest option for notifications.

Watch this video on updating your Account Settings on Community (4:27 min).

Change Your Chapter Membership

To change your local CCL chapter or electoral district, please use the form at this link.

Using this form will move you to another CCL chapter and add you to the new chapter's roster. You will also be added to the new chapter's group on CCL Community during the nightly data sync (i.e., it won’t happen instantly). 

Note: You can be a member of only one local chapter, but you can, however, join as many Action Teams as you wish.

Sometimes, a CCL chapter may span several electoral districts. Be sure to check that the electoral district listed for you is correct, using your address, and update if necessary. 

How To Create and Use A Site Signature

To create a "site signature" (similar to an email signature - a few lines that will appear at the bottom of your posts on CCL Community), go to your Account Settings page.

Scroll down to the bottom of the "Settings" tab to the Site Signature block and enter text for your desired  signature. Click the blue "Save changes" button (see below). The site signature input box accepts carriage returns and/or <br> tags for line breaks and you can use <a href> to embed a link.  (Follow links for <br> and <a href> for instructions.)

Note: The site signature will display within private messages and forum posts, but does not currently work for emails sent via CCL Community's group email interface. 

Sending and Receiving Messages

View your messages by clicking on the mail envelope icon  on the top green toolbar of any CCL Community page.

This will take you to the My Messages page. Here you can see all previous messages. Select "Compose" tab to send an outgoing message. Use the toolbar to format text, or add links and attachments.  

Email CCL Community Members

You can contact  CCL Community members via email using the My Messages page. To get to the My Messages page click on the mail envelope icon  on the top green toolbar of any CCL Community page.

To send an email message to a CCL Community member click on the “Compose” tab. Fill out the subject and email body and then click the green “Click to select recipients” button to show a dialog where you can search for and select your message’s recipients.

Friends will be shown by default, but you can also type names into the text field to search for other CCL Community members.  

Your message will be sent to the member’s email address associated with the CCL account, unless they have message notifications turned off. It will also appear in their My Messages page.

How to Attach a File to Your Post/Message

If you would like to upload and share a file with a forum post or a message you're sending in CCL Community, click on the paper clip icon in the editing tools above the post or message text.

Once you've clicked the icon, select a file to upload by clicking on the "Choose File" button, or select a file you've already uploaded.


If uploading, type in a title name for the file (required) and then click "Post" on the bottom to upload.  Your file(s) will then appear at the bottom of the body of your text field with the provided name and the ability to click the "x" to un-attach it.

Finally, finish composing the rest of your post or message and click "Post" or "Send Message" to share.

Make Sure You're Set up to Receive Emails (Messages) From CCL Community

CCL’s IT team has received reports of members not receiving messages from CCL Community in spite of having their email notifications properly set up.  If you have this problem, check your spam or junk folder and mark any CCL message you find there as "not spam" or “not junk.” Also, check other folders such as "Promotional" in Gmail.  Add to your safe sender list, safe contact list, or whitelist (depending on your email system).

Taking these steps will help you stay connected with CCL and help us reach other volunteers inboxes as well (part of some spam filters are based on feedback from other users that such messages are considered “not spam.”)

If you use Gmail and have the promotions tab, move one of our emails from the promotions tab to your primary tab to make sure you don’t miss them.

Instructions for primary tab move For Gmail Users

  1. Open Gmail in your browser.
  2. Click on your promotions tab
  3. Find CCL’s Newsletter or Weekly Briefing.
  4. Click and drag the message into your primary tab.
  5. When asked “Do this for future messages from” click Yes.

If this is occurring for you after trying out the suggestions above, please report these missing emails in the Bug Report forums so that we can determine  what the problem is.

Instructions for primary Tab Move For Gmail Users

  1. Open Gmail in your browser.
  2. Click on your promotions tab
  3. Find CCL’s Newsletter or Weekly Briefing.
  4. Click and drag the message into your primary tab.
  5. When asked “Do this for future messages from” click Yes.

If this is occurring for you after trying out the suggestions above, please report these missing emails in the Bug Report forums so that we can determine  what the problem is.

Making Sure the CCL Newsletter Is in Your InBox

By joining Citizens' Climate Lobby you will be automatically subscribed to our weekly briefings and monthly newsletter. 

To make sure our emails land in your inbox please add to your contacts.

Also check your spam or junk folder to make sure our messages are not routed there. If you find one, mark it as “not spam” or “not junk” to move it to your inbox.

Staying Updated With CCL Community Bulletin

Want to stay current on all that’s happening in CCL and on CCL Community online?  Make sure to subscribe to the CCL Community Bulletin.

Find the bulletin by scrolling down on your Dashboard and clicking on the CCL Community Bulletin link (you can also find it by clicking on the “Community Bulletin” link in the green footer of any page in Community).

The CCL Community  Bulletin provides CCL members three important features:

  1. Every other Monday, CCL Community releases software updates to improve users’ experiences, including new features and resolution of any issues (click here for an example).
  2. Quick updates about the Energy Innovation Act and other CCL related activity.
  3. Archive of CCL’s Weekly Briefing and Monthly Newsletter updates and actions.

Publishing the software release notes in one location helps CCL group leaders and CCL Community users stay updated and track platform improvements and fixes. To subscribe to the bulletin, click on the green “Subscribe” button in the upper right box and select your level of frequency (instant, daily, or weekly). You will then receive an email with the bulletin updates at that level of frequency selected automatically (more on subscriptions here).

You can also search Bulletin archives by category, author, or month posted to find  specific content you’re looking for. 

Using the "@Mention"

One way anyone can notify another Community user about a forum  conversation, or comments elsewhere on Community is to  use  "@mention." To do this type the "@" symbol followed by the Community member's name as displayed in the Member Directory

Type the name exactly as displayed (i.e. no underscores, etc.). For example:  @Testy Testerson. 

After you type the first three letters, CCL Community will start recommending names that match in a drop-down menu - keep typing your target's full name until you see it appear on the drop-down and then click that profile name. The @ symbol should disappear and  be replaced by their full name with a hyperlink to their profile (see below).

Any CCL Community user mentioned this way will receive a notification that they've been @ mentioned (some call this “being tagged”) if they have the checkbox marked for "Email me when someone @ mentions me" in their Account Settings (click the wrench icon on the top green toolbar to access).

Exploring Trainings, Resources, and Tools

The “Resources & Training” top menu button provides quick access to our Training Topics, CCL Resources and CCL Community Tools homepages, as well as direct links to the most popular pages for each category and a link to the New Volunteer page.

New Volunteer Page. If you are a new member, the New Volunteer page describes the most important training resources to get you up to speed as a CCL member, including how to register for an information session and Climate Advocate Training, how to connect with your local chapter, and links to information about our focus, methods, and values

Trainings. To access the Training Topics page click on the “All trainings…” link in the the dropdown menu shown above. At the top you will see featured, recent, and upcoming training topics, and then below that other topics organized by category. 

Resources. The CCL Resources page is where you can find access to materials such as handouts, images, and reports to print or share digitally. Examples include brochures, banners, constituent letters, business cards, and the CCL style guide. Select the link “All resources. ..” to go there. 

Tools. CCL has developed a number of tools to help members record activities, report results, track relationships, engage with members of congress or potential supporters, research CCL statistics, and view and manage group members.

To view the CCL Community Tools page, select the link “All tools. . .”

Exploring CCL Training Topics

To access the Training Topics page, first click on the “Resources & Training” top menu button. Then select the “All trainings…” link in the the dropdown menu. At the top of the Training Topics page you will see featured, recent, and upcoming training topics, and then below that other topics organized by category.

The broad categories of topics include “Lobbying Congress,” “Media Relations,” “Grassroots Outreach,” and several others. Click on a topic category to see a group of related topics. In the case of “Lobbying Congress,” this includes topics such as “Working With Congress” and “Contacting Congress.”

Select an individual topic to see all of the trainings available under that topic, as well key resources and links. So, for example, under the topic “Contacting Congress” is a training on “Starting a Monthly Calling Campaign.” 

Click the “Learn Now” link under the training description to open the the training page.  You will find a description of the training subject and tabs to access text, video, and audio training materials, as well as additional resources. 

The training materials offer step-by-step instructions as well as an introduction to the subject, tips, and benefits. 

Note: Not all training subjects have training materials in every mode (text, video, or audio). 

On the left side of the training page, you can explore related subjects with a menu of all the topics and individual training subjects available in the topic category, such as this one for “Lobbying Congress.”

Finding CCL Digital and Printable Resources

The CCL Resources page is where you can find access to materials such as handouts, images, and reports to print or share digitally. Examples include brochures, banners, constituent letters, business cards, and the CCL style guide.

To access the CCL Resources page, first click on the “Resources & Training” top menu button. Then select the “All resources. . ” link in the the dropdown menu. 

At the top of the page are featured resources, which spotlight the newest, most important, or most popular items. Below the featured resources are all the other resources, grouped by categories. Select any of the categories to view a list of associated resources, such as resources related to the Energy Innovation Act shown below. Click on any of the items to go to a page with information and download links for that resource. 

Tip: if you are uncertain what category a resource you are looking for may be in, use the main site search and filter your results by selecting the “Resources” checkbox on the left side. 

On each individual resource page, you’ll see a brief description of the resource at the top. Next there are usage instructions as well links to download the resource.  Often there are choices to download various versions of the item such as color,  black and white, or Spanish. At the bottom are links to related training topic page(s) if you are interested in finding out more about the context for this resource or detailed advice on where and how to use it.

On the left side is a menu of all the other resources in the same category. 

Learning About CCL Tools

CCL has developed a number of tools to help members record activities, report results, track relationships, engage with members of congress or potential supporters, research CCL statistics, and view and manage group members.

Examples are field reports, meeting plan templates, chapter rosters, and a personal carbon dividend calculator. 

To access the CCL Community Tools page, first click on the “Resources & Training” top menu button. Then select the “All Tools. . “ link in the the dropdown menu.

At the top are featured tools. Below that all the CCL tools are listed and divided into categories such as “Lobbying Tools.”

Each tool is linked to an informational or instructional page on CCL Community. 

CCL Community Forums

One of the biggest advantages of CCL Community is the prominent role that forums play. If you have a question, want to share an important idea or resource, or are curious about how others are handling a certain challenge, we encourage all CCL Community members to post in the forums.

There are both Sitewide Forums and group forums. To access the Sitewide Forums go to "Connect With Others" in the top menu of any page and select Sitewide Forums. Sitewide Forums are organized in broad areas such as "General Discussion" or "Lobbying Congress."  Members post questions or useful information. On the Sitewide Forum page below the list of forums is a box displaying recent activity (topics and posts) from all the forums. On the right side is a “Search Forums” field, guidelines, and forum help.

For your local chapter and action team forums, go to their home page and click on “Forums” in the left-side menu. 

Whether in the Sitewide Forums or your group's forums, once you've selected a forum category you will see various topics that members have posted about. You can view topics by selecting the topic text from the post, or post your own topics by selecting the "Start a New Topic" button on the bottom of the page.

Once you've clicked on a topic you can see the full post, along with any replies that other members of the CCL Community have posted.

If you find a particular topic, or even an individual post particularly useful, you can bookmark the topic or post so that you can get to it later. You can also subscribe to a forum category to be notified about future posts and discussions. Follow the instructions below to set up subscriptions.  In this way, forums function like Google Groups.


Forum Topics, Categories, and Replies

  • Topics - A topic is a post within a forum. You can subscribe to updates and replies to a specific topic. You can also bookmark a topic in order to navigate to it from your Dashboard.
  • Categories - A forum category is a group of  topics within the forum. In a broad forum it may be useful to group similar topics - for example, the category “Working With Editorial Boards” in the Media Relations Sitewide Forum. You can bookmark categories to get to them from your Dashboard.
  • Replies - Members can reply to topic posts in order to contribute to the discussion.

Post a Topic To A Sitewide Forum

If the Sitewide Forum has no categories, select the "Add Topic" button at the top of topics window. If the forum has categories, when you click on "Add Topic," a dropdown list of the categories appears. Select the desired category and then "Add Topic." In either case this brings up a page to enter both the topic subject and text.

Post a Topic to A Group Forum

View a group forum by going to the group home page and selecting "Forum" from the left side menu. From there select the "Start New Topic" button. On the "Start New Topic" page enter the subject of your new topic, as well as topic text. 

Note: The default notification setting for all members of a group is to be notified of new forum posts from the general discussion forum, but not from any additional forum categories you customize and add. Therefore if you want to post an important update in the forums that all group members see, start a new topic on your group's general discussion forum.

Reply to a Forum Topic or to Another Reply

If you have questions or wish to add comments on a posted forum topic, open the post and click the blue “Add Reply” button at top. You can also click on the “Reply” link at the bottom of the original topic posting.

This opens a text box. Add your reply. You can also add documents by dragging a file into the text box. Click “Post” at the bottom of the reply window This will add your reply to other replies (if there are any), sorted by oldest on top. 

If, however, you want to reply directly to someone else’s reply, click on the “Reply” link at the bottom of their reply. 

When replying to a topic post or a topic reply it may be helpful to quote the original text, or the part that your reply is referring to. To quote a topic or reply, click on the "Quote" link at bottom of post. 

When you do this the full text of either the post or reply will be pulled into a reply text box. If desired, you can remove parts of the quoted text in order to get the portion you are interested in quoting.

Liking a Topic or Reply

If you see a topic post or reply that interests you or that you like, you can like the topic by clicking on the “Like” icon at the bottom of the topic post or reply. This lets the poster know that the topic was helpful. It also contributes to the topic’s popularity, which influences where it is listed in the "Popular" forum tab.

There are also additional reactions available for members to use. Mouseover the "Like" icon to choose one of these options: Love, Clap, Celebrate, Insightful, or Interesting.

Searching the Sitewide Forums

While the main CCL Community site search engine does search topics and posts in the Sitewide Forums, it may be more useful to search the forums using the “Search Forums” box on the top right of the Sitewide Forums page, due to the availability of forum-specific filters. 

After entering search terms and clicking on the search icon, you will be taken to the Forum Search Results page, where the results of your search are displayed. On the left side of the page you can refine the search results with filters.

“By Category” lists all the Sitewide Forums and associated categories. By default all forums and categories are included (colored blue). If you want to focus your search by excluding forums or categories, click on them to make inactive (gray color). The search results will update instantly.

Use the “Time Frame” filter at bottom of left side to narrow the range of dates of postings included in the search results.

At the top you can order the resulting list of topics and posts by “Most Recent,” “Top Rated,” “Most Commented,” or “Relevance.

If desired, you can change the search terms and search again at the top of the page.

Managing Sitewide Forum Subscription & Notification Preference

CCL Community members can subscribe to any of the Sitewide Forums. To subscribe, select the green “Subscribe” button at the top of the forum. Click on dropdown arrow to select frequency of notification.

Subscription options are:

  • Instant: sends an email each time there is new content. This is the only option that allows the reply by email feature (see this FAQ). 
  • Daily (recommended): aggregates all content in one daily email
  • Weekly: aggregates all content in one weekly email

If you are already subscribed, the button will display “Unsubscribe.”  Select it to unsubscribe or select the dropdown arrow to modify frequency of notification. 

To manage subscription and notification preferences for all Sitewide Forums in one place, click the wrench icon on the top green toolbar to go to Account Settings. Then, click the “Subscription” tab. 

To change whether or how often you are notified by email about postings, review the list of Forums at top of the “Subscription” tab. The default setting is “none.” 

 Click “Save” at bottom of page when finished.

Note: If you subscribe to a Sitewide Forum, such as "Media Relations" that has categories (such as "LTEs and Op-Eds"), you will also be subscribed to all the categories. If you wish to subscribe to only one or more of the categories, unsubscribe to the parent forum and subscribe individually to desired categories.

While you can't subscribe to a topic, you can bookmark it. Also, if you post a new topic or reply to a topic you will be subscribed to that thread for instant updates if anyone else that responds to that topic. However, if you are already subscribed to the parent category of that forum, this topic inherits the frequency settings you've chosen for all topics in that forum. 

Update Your Forum Email Settings

To change when and how often you are notified by email about events, actions, and updates to forums in CCL Community, go to your Account Settings (get there by clicking on wrench icon).   In the "Subscriptions" tab you can select the frequency for which you are notified about forum updates for both Sitewide Forums and Group/Chapter forums.  

Watch this tutorial on updating your Account Settings on Community (4:27 min).

Reply to Forum Updates by Email

When you subscribe to receive updates to a forum topic instantly, you can reply to individual posts directly from your email by clicking on the "Reply by Email" button. Doing so will bring up a new email. Type your response in the email body and click send. Your reply will be added to the topic discussion just as if you'd replied on site. This feature isn't currently available for daily or weekly digests.

However, in the cases listed below a "Reply By Email" post will be filtered out and not posted to the forums. 

  1. If you reply within 15 seconds of it hitting your inbox (auto-replies are filtered out).
  2. If you reply from a different address or with a different subject line than the Forum post notification (i.e. no email forwarding - then replying).
  3. If you reply more than once. After you've replied (or even attempted to reply) all other replies will be filtered out.

Action Teams, Chapter Teams, and Custom Groups

Besides your local chapter's group page (e.g. CCL NY New York City), CCL Community provides three additional types of groups that users can join. 

Action Teams:  Unlike Local Chapters, Action Teams are organized around specific topics or areas of focus. Most teams meet regularly by group calls and communicate within their team's group page on CCL Community. To find out about CCL's 50+ Action Teams visit the Action Team Directory.

Chapter Teams: Chapter Leaders can create group pages for local teams to collaborate on a particular area (such as an outreach team or a media team). If you would like your local chapter to support a Chapter Team, contact your Group Leader.

Custom Groups: CCL Community allows State and Regional Coordinators to create group pages for Custom Groups of CCL members to collaborate (such as a CA Liaison Group or a DFW Media Group).  If you have an idea for a Custom Group and are not a State or Regional Coordinator, you can find your coordinator in the Regional Coordinators directory and request they consider creating a Custom Group for your state or region. 

Joining Action Teams

Even though you can only be a member of  one local chapter, you may join as many Action Teams as you like. When you visit an Action Team home page  you will see a “Join” button at the top under the Action Team name. Select that button to join. For public Action Team groups, you will be added immediately, but for a private Action Team group a request will be sent to the group leader. They will  either add you immediately  or contact you for more information.

To leave an Action Team group, click on “Settings” on the left side of the team home page, and then select  “Leave Group” at the top.

Leaving a Group

You can leave a group that you are a member of by clicking on “Settings” in the left side menu on the group's homepage.

A green "Leave Group" button will appear beneath the Group name at the top of the screen. Click that button in order to leave the group.

Note: This applies to Action Teams, Custom Groups, and role-based groups (i.e. Group Leaders, Liaisons, etc.) If you need to change your chapter, go to Changing Your Chapter Membership.

Upload Documents and Photos to Your Group or Chapter

From an Action Team, Custom Group, or chapter homepage you may see "Files" and "Photos" links in the menu on the left side of the page. Also, there may be a "Videos" link. Instructions for uploading videos are in the FAQ on videos below. 

Note: Group Admins can remove any or all of these links. If you don’t see the media type you want to upload, contact your Group Admin to determine why it was disabled. 

Clicking on either the file or photo links will take you to a page where previously uploaded documents or photos (if any) are displayed. There will also be a dialogue box to upload. If uploading a file such as a word processing document or spreadsheet, either drag and drop your files or select the "click to upload” link. If uploading a photo, click the "Add Photos" button in the middle of the page. You can also create folders groups of files and photos, if desired. 

To upload (embed) a video to a group, see the FAQ on videos below.

The Files / Photos / Video pages allows chapter members to view files you and other chapter members have uploaded onto your group page.  There is also an optional checkbox to allow your file to be shared sitewide, if desired. If you choose to check the "Share Sitewide" checkbox when uploading, your documents, photos, and videos will be marked as public and will be available for any CCL Community member outside of your group to find when searching on the main CCL Community search page. By not checking the "Share Sitewide" checkbox you will restrict access to your file/photo/video and it will be available only through your group's page.  

You can also upload personal files to your My Files page.   While none of the files uploaded here will be visible from a group page, you can follow the same "Share Sitewide" checkbox to set the desired  level of privacy as described above. The link to your My Files page is also located on your profile page. On the lower left side, you’ll see the “My Files” block. Click on “Manage My Files.”

Uploading (Embedding) Videos to Group and Chapter Pages

Videos can’t be directly uploaded or stored on CCL Community. Instead, if the video is hosted on a video streaming site such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can use a video’s URL (web address) to “embed” the video on a CCL Community group page or on your personal My Videos page. 

When you click on an embedded video thumbnail, it launches a player on that page and links the player to the video on its hosting service. 

To embed a video, first launch the video from the hosting service site in a web browser. Then, copy the URL from the address bar (the text field at the top of the browser). 

On a chapter or group page, click “Videos” on the left hand side. This will open the video gallery page for that group. Select the blue bar:  “Add Videos.” This then opens a dialogue box with instructions and a text field. Paste the URL into the text field. Next, click the blue “Embed” button. This establishes the link to the video on the hosting service. Now you will see a title field (required) and options for a description, tags, and a checkbox to “share sitewide.”  

Both title and description will help members find the video in search. Choose “share sitewide” if you want to video to be public and available to members outside of the group. 

Click “Post” when completed.  A video thumbnail and the title will appear in the Video Gallery.  Members can click on the thumbnail or title to view the video in a player on that page.  

Note: If you wish to embed a video you have personally created, you need to create an account on a compatible hosting service such as YouTube, upload it, and then proceed as described above. 

For your My Videos page, follow the instructions outlined above. 

Managing Group Subscription and Notification Preferences

CCL Community members may choose to join any Action Team, or may belong to a Custom Group. All members belong to their local chapter group. 

By default, you will be notified about two things from group(s) you belong to: new group forum posts (in a daily digest) and email messages sent by your group's leaders.

You can set the types of group notifications and subscriptions that you want to be notified about by clicking on "Settings" in your group's home page left side menu. The default view will show the “Notifications” tab and below that you'll be able to toggle the various notifications on and off. To adjust the settings for forums in your group, click on the "Subscriptions" tab in “Settings” and select the level of frequency you prefer.

Note: To manage subscription and notification preferences for all groups you are a member of, as well as group forums, click the wrench icon on the top green toolbar to go to Account Settings. Then, click the “Subscription” tab. 

Scroll down to see a listing of the Action Teams and other groups you have joined or belong to. To manage subscriptions and notifications for a group, click on the group name. This will take you to the group home page and the “My Individual Group Settings” box. As described above, select the “Notifications” tab to determine what types of events you want to be alerted to. Select the ‘Subscriptions” tab to set the frequency of notifications for the group and group forums, if any.