July Monthly Actions & Meeting W/ Allie Kelly, Executive Director Of The Ray

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Each month, Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters gather locally for a monthly meeting where we educate ourselves by listening to a guest speaker. Go to your local chapter's page to find out more about your chapter's plans for listening in.  July's Monthly Meeting took place on Saturday, July 10th and featured a conversation with Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray.

50dc5806543dd855bec17b73406f87ab-huge-alOne of the virtues of carbon pricing is that it will spur technological innovation. What kind of innovation? For a glimpse of that potential, we turn this month to Allie Kelly, Executive Director of The Ray, a nonprofit that is reimagining our roadways to be greener and safer. The Ray is working on a living highway test bed to develop ways to capture solar energy, charge electric vehicles and provide a drive-through tire safety station. Allie has over 15 years of experience working in public policy, including founding Georgia Watch in Atlanta, Georgia’s only consumer watchdog organization.

Playback options for meetings:

Watch or download the video recording or pre-call video. Listen to the podcast on PodBean or iTunes.

July's Monthly Actions (click here to download the full sheet)

  1. Tabling and presenting - what’s old is new again!
  2. Make a chapter plan for safe in-person activities
  3. Chapter development bonus action: Plan an in-person social gathering if it's safe to have one
  4. Social media bonus action: Tweet at President Biden and VP Harris
  5. Communication exercise: Practice inviting a friend to a CCL Info Session or local meeting
Group Leaders: check out the “Suggestions for Group Leader" PDF for how to use the July Action Sheet.
Posted by Brett Cease on Jul 2, 2021 2:31 PM America/Los_Angeles

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