Developing Your Chapter Action Plan With the Take Action Worksheet

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Looking for what to do to help CCL advance climate action this year? This training page provides a thorough action worksheet that volunteers and their chapters can use to plan and coordinate your actions to be most effective for the year ahead.Part 1 - For this month’s task, (a) ask everyone to answer the three questions listed below, (b) collect everyone’s responses into three lists and (c) identify the Venn diagram intersection as your chapter’s center of climate advocacy. Part 2 - In January you’ll apply your chapter’s center of climate advocacy to CCL’s 2024 legislative roadmap to create your 2024 Chapter Action Plan. 
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How To Use This Worksheet

Celebrate your 2023 accomplishments

Save time during your gathering to raise a coffee mug to celebrate all the actions, progress and successes you accomplished in 2023!

  1. Use the action tracker dashboard to review your chapter’s total number of LTEs, outreach events, etc.
  2. Review the GL/liaison report (emailed monthly) for more specific details. 
  3. Ask your veteran volunteers or chapter’s leadership team to name their favorite 2023 accomplishments.

Part 1 - Use this Venn diagram to find the center of your chapter’s climate advocacy. Note: This image and approach is adapted from Dr. A.E. Johnson’s TED Talk and book


For this step, you may want to (1) use a whiteboard, (2) give attendees a piece of paper, or (3) make a copy of this Google form ( and share the link with attendees. 

Ask attendees to write down their responses to the three reflective questions below (see image):

  1. What CCL work brings you joy? What enlivens and energizes you?
  2. What work are you good at? What are your skills, resources, and networks? 
  3. What CCL work needs doing? What additional support for climate action/policy do you need to build in your community and with your members of Congress in 2024? 

Next, ask some or all of your attendees to briefly share their responses aloud. If you used the Google form, you might project the spreadsheet onto a screen. As people share, discuss common themes and work together to recognize where the three sets of collected responses overlap. This is the center of your chapter’s climate advocacy.

Doing this exercise will help prepare your chapter for January 2024 when we’ll ask you to apply the center of your chapter’s climate advocacy to CCL’s 2024 legislative roadmap to create your 2024 Chapter Action Plan. 

Volunteer Opportunities Role Descriptions and Email Templates

To get started check out the Role Description and usage instructions here and the Email Template here.

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