Weekly Briefing: Volunteers Place Celebratory Op-ed Nationwide

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August 24, 2022

CCL volunteers around the country have been working hard to publish CCL's latest op-ed, which celebrates the Inflation Reduction Act for its progress on climate. They have succeeded in placing the op-ed in 16 publications across 10 different states so far. 

“The significance of this legislative victory cannot be overstated,” reads the op-ed, written by CCL Executive Director Madeleine Para and co-authored by local volunteers. “More will be needed to meet the U.S. pledge to cut emissions in half by 2030, but for now let’s celebrate the passage of this historic legislation, which brings hope that we and future generations can live in a hospitable climate.”

Be on the lookout for a conservative version of this op-ed, coming soon to the op-ed resources page of CCL Community.



In other news this week: media_lever_icon_color50X50.png

  • Wish Danny well: After a big legislative victory on climate, CCL’s VP of Government Affairs Danny Richter is moving on to the next steps in his career. We are incredibly grateful for his years of hard work and dedication to CCL’s mission, and we will miss him greatly. You can share your gratitude, memories, and well wishes for Danny on this Kudoboard. Keep an eye on next week’s Weekly Briefing email for a final legislative update video from Danny!
  • Environmental justice concerns about IRA: EJ communities are voicing concerns about the compromises and the harm the Inflation Reduction Act may cause. Three CCL staffers acknowledge and uplift those concerns in a new blog post.
  • CCL volunteers appear on EcoRight Speaks: CCLers Bruce Morlan and Beth Malow appeared on RepublicEN’s latest podcast episode, discussing the environment, depolarization, and their work with Braver Angels.
If you have a little time: Thank Senator Cramer!
Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) recently met with volunteers from CCL to discuss the Growing Climate Solutions Act and conservatism in environmental action. Like his tweet, and thank Sen. Cramer for meeting with us!

If you have more time: Check out these communication tips for the Inflation Reduction Act
Want to know some more talking points about the Inflation Reduction Act for when you’re tabling and doing outreach? Check out these communication tips for talking about the Inflation Reduction Act in CCL’s August Action Sheet.

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Featured Lever This Week ccl_wrench_color50X50.png

Media: Young CCLers are making their voices heard

Young CCLers have been making sure their voices are heard in local media. 

Cash Mendenhall, a junior at West High School in Utah and an intern for the Salt Lake City chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby, recently got an op-ed published in which he highlighted climate change as the greatest challenge that his generation is facing.

“The uniquely gorgeous landscape that fosters our state’s draw, both economically and for new Utahns, is under sustained threat from the unmitigated onset of climate change,” Cash writes in the Deseret News. “The root cause of the crisis is still unresolved. But of these policy solutions, a carbon fee and dividend would be uniquely effective: by setting a tax on mass carbon emissions at the site of their production and then distributing the revenue from that tax back in a monthly dividend to all Americans.”

Check out the CCL Youth Action Team

Noah Guthrie, an undergraduate at Berry College and a member of the Middle Tennessee chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby, also voiced his support for carbon border adjustment mechanisms in an op-ed for The Tennessean. 

“A CBAM would set an import tariff on certain internationally traded goods — carbon-intensive products like steel, paper, cement and fossil fuels,” Noah writes. “CBAM is one example of an initiative that coincides with the environmental values of both conservatives and liberals in America, providing common ground for swift and effective action for the welfare of our economy and the planet.”

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Upcoming Trainings speechbubblequestion_color_50X50.png

  • 8/25: Earth Day: Election Edition Roll-out — Join us for an overview of CCL's fall plans to launch Earth Day: Election Edition. You may decide to replicate an amazing Earth Day or outreach event you hosted a few years ago, or you may decide to pull out all the stops and invite your whole county to participate. Staff will review the resources that are provided, including CCL branded handouts, slogans, and a social media packet. Join us!
  • 9/1: Understanding Environmental Justice Perspectives About the IRA —    Join this training to explore important perspectives from environmental justice communities on the policy impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act and its implementation. Join us!
Need training on the basics? Catch our next session of Core Volunteer Training, made for newer volunteers:
  • 8/30: Social Media Basics — Join this training to enhance your group’s use of social media. Join us!         
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