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Resources to help volunteers publish a longer piece in their local newspaper about CCL's work and the Energy Innovation Act.
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An op-ed is usually a 600- to 700-word piece you can publish in your local newspaper, offering your own perspective or commentary on a topic. Traditionally, newspapers printed these opinion pieces opposite from the newspaper’s own editorials, hence the name “op-ed.” Publishing an op-ed in your newspaper will give your ideas a bigger platform in your community and will help get the attention of your member of Congress.

Below, you’ll find our latest op-ed template, which you can tailor to your local area and submit to your newspaper. Choose the 600-word or 700-word version depending on your newspaper’s requirements.

March 2020 Op-Ed (600 words) March 2020 Op-Ed (600 words) (.docx) (3/26/20) 15 KB
March 2020 Op-Ed (700 words) March 2020 Op-Ed (700 words) (.docx) (3/26/20)18 KB

If your newspaper chooses to run the op-ed, they may need a photo of Mark. Below, you'll find a headshot of Mark and a larger photo of him speaking at a CCL conference. Feel free to send both options to your newspaper.

Mark Reynolds Headshot Mark Reynolds Headshot (higher resolution .jpg)590 KB
Mark Reynolds SpeakingMark Reynolds Speaking(.jpg)14071 KB

Check out our training materials on “Op-Eds” to learn more about submitting your op-ed or writing your own from scratch.

For questions or support, visit the "Working with Media" forum. CCL's Communications staff monitors the forum and will answer your questions quickly.

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