Community Release - January 27, 2020

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. On CCL Community, we'll release updates every other week.

New Features 

  • Modern Forums. Over the past several months, our developer team has been hard at work improving CCL Community's forums modules with the main goals of making engaging in the forums as effortless as possible. Starting today here's a quick overview of the new features:
    • New Content Creation Experience. The reply box to any forum post now pops out at the bottom of the screen for any response initiated (see below). This reply box can be collapsed/expanded with the upper-right arrow839756b14b5b829dd1e8dc44c6a5e25a-huge-snand also allows members to add attachments by dragging any files from their desktop or folders directly into the box. A new video icon in the reply box allowsbff8b164cd737cea7b6763913dd8ba92-huge-sn members to upload embedded video links from YouTube, Vimeo, or Dailymotion.


  • Profile Information Addition. In addition to individual names and links to member profiles, posts now feature a quick glance role glossary to help members identify each others' roles form the badge glossary.


  • Expanded Reactions. At the bottom of any post there are now additional reactions available for members to use. Beyond the ability to "Like" others' content, members can now choose to react to other responses with the following options: Love, Clap Celebrate, Insightful, Interesting. To choose, hover your icon over the "Like" icon at the bottom and click on your preferred reaction. The total reactions to any post are displayed on the bottom right corner. Members are also able to share the link to the forum topic by clicking on the "Share" button (others still need to be logged in to Community to see the forum post) as well as quote and reply directly.


  • Recent Topics. The Recent Topics block has been updated to allow multiple ways to show lists of topics. New sort options, filtering, and in-module search have been added to the block to improve ease of use. To access the new sort options, go to the "Forum Activity" block below the category list and click on either the "Filter" button or the "Date Created" button (see below). Clicking on the "Date Created" allows members to sort recent topics by the date they were created, the number of reply counts, the latest post, or the number of likes (total reactions) by selecting the preferred option from the drop down menu. Topics can be sorted by the highest or lowest option from that list of options by clicking the up or down arrow. 


  • To filter by additional options, including restricting the displayed results to only those the member has posted, those that have received no response, or that include a specific keyword, click on the "Filter" button, which then displays the following pop-up box to select from (see below).


  • My Events. A new block has been added to members' CCL Community Dashboards. Directly below the "My Messages" block members now have the ability at a quick glance to see the list of upcoming events they've RSVPed for displayed chronologically with the event occurring soonest at top.

Bug Fixes

  • Event invite emails now include the event description in the email.

New & Updated Content



Posted by Brett Cease on Jan 27, 2020 3:34 PM America/Los_Angeles


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