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2020 Chapter Action Guide

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Download the 2020 Chapter Action Planning guide to make plans with your local group for your goals across all five levers of political will.
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Use this guide to help your chapter make plans for 2020.  If your group is small, focus on this first page. Larger groups may find the additional pages useful.

Major CCL-related events in 2020
Top Actions and Suggestions
  1. Grow your Chapter 
    1. Orient and engage new people
    2. Re-contact and re-energize your roster
    3. Divide and share the work in order to build up your ability to work on multiple fronts
  2. Engage prominent community leaders
    1. Research to decide who will have the most impact on your MOCs
    2. Develop the relationship, educate them, and determine with them an action to show bill support
    3. When appropriate, include them in lobby meetings 
    4. Gather endorsements for H.R.763
  3. Mobilize and diversify
    1. Enroll lots of people in our new CCL’s newL Monthly Calling Campaign and identify 1-2 volunteers to be your local administrator(s)
    2. Build constituent support (utilize emails, phone calls, social media posts, or paper Constituent Comments) to create a steady drumbeat of constituent advocacy
    3. Diversify your membership with more conservatives, youth, and people of color
  4. Start easy and grow
    1. Start with the easy actions
    2. Go for bigger actions as time allows and your chapter capacity grows

More action ideas and suggestions are organized by lever of political will, are listed in the planning guide .docx file above. Remember: You’ll be able to do more as your group grows and you develop new leadership.

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