My Badges

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Role Based Badge Glossary

This directory list can help you identify the roles of certain members of the CCL Community.
Staff members support the essential work of volunteers, coordinators, and group leaders do across the world.
Group Leader
Group Leaders are volunteers from all walks of life who lead and coordinate the activities of a local chapter.
Action Team Leader
Action Team Leaders lead a CCL Action Team that's organized nationally around a specific topic.
State Coordinator
State Coordinators work with Regional Coordinators to provide support and coordination among their state's groups.
Regional Coordinator
Regional Coordinators work directly with the State Coordinators and Group Leaders within a geographic region.
Congressional Liaison
Congressional Liaisons serve as the local representative of CCL for a congressional district or state.

Accomplishment Badge Glossary

This directory list indicates how many actions CCL Community members have completed in the key areas of CCL activity. To get credit for your own political will building climate actions, make sure to log each of them in CCL's Action Tracker and wait for the data to sync overnight.

Accomplishment Badges

Accomplishment Badges range from green when you complete your first action in each category all the way up to bronze, silver, then gold. Hover over your badges on your own profile page to see what actions to take to unlock the next level all the way to gold!
Contacting Congress
Accomplish the Contacting Congress Gold Badge by contacting Congress 50+ times! 
LTEs & Op-Eds Published
Accomplish the LTEs & Op-Eds Gold Badge by publishing 50+ letters to the editor and/or opinion columns (op-eds) in newspapers.
Additional Media Published
Accomplish the Additional Media Published Gold Badge by publishing 20+ pieces of media outside of LTEs and Op-Eds (Articles, Editorials, Radio, and TV).
Tabling & Outreach
Accomplish the Tabling and Outreach Gold Badge by participating in 30+ tabling and/or outreach events!
Meetings With Congress
Accomplish the Meeting With Congress Gold Badge by meeting with Congress 20+ times! 
Grasstops Meetings
Accomplish the Grasstops Meeting Gold Badge by meeting with grasstops leaders in your community 20+ times! 
Accomplish the Presentations Gold Badge by scheduling or giving 30+ presentations!
Chapter Meetings
Accomplish the Chapter Meetings Gold Badge by meeting with your local chapter 30+ times! 
CCL Community Forums
Accomplish the CCL Community Forums Gold Badge by posting more than 100+ posts in the CCL Community Forums!
CCL Community Trainings
Accomplish the CCL Community Trainings Gold Badge by attending more than 30+ trainings on CCL Community!
State-Level Policy Actions
Accomplish the State-Level Policy Actions Gold Badge by participating in more than 30+ state-level policy actions