Community Release - November 18, 2019

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. On CCL Community, we'll release updates every other week.

New Features 

  • New Volunteer Dashboard Block
    • ​​​​For new CCL Volunteers (defined as either having joined within the past 60 days or having logged into CCL Community less than five times), a new block has been added at the top of the Dashboard that displays a link to the new volunteer page - helping highlight some of the initial steps to take in becoming active as a volunteer.
  • Messages sent from the Event Admin -> Messaging option will now have the Name of the Event Owner included as the From Field (e.g. John Doe via CCL Community) for the email sent.

Bug Fixes

  • The View Event page now displays the Event Name in the browser tab.
  • Selecting "Now" from the "When to Send" dropdown in the Event Admin -> Messaging option disables the "Before/After Event Start Date" options, as they are not necessary.

New & Updated Content


Posted by Brett Cease on Nov 19, 2019 9:07 AM America/Los_Angeles


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Where in Community can we ask this question, "How many members are there in CCL?", and get an answer. Searching with that question gets you nothing.
  • Posted Sat 14 Dec 2019 07:34 AM PST
Thanks Howard - I'll be sure to respond to your email follow-up and to speak to your specific question via which page, see the CCL Stats page (which is undergoing additional data soon) here:
  • Posted Tue 17 Dec 2019 01:09 PM PST
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