CCL Community Release - September 21, 2020

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New Features include Recent Trainings, Event Video Upload, and Upvoting in the Feature Requests and Bug Reports Forums, in addition to many training and resource updates.

What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content.

New Features

  • Recent Trainings. The Recent Trainings section of the Training Topics page now displays a list of previous training reverse chronologically ordered from their event page setup. 
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  • Event Video Upload. CCL Community national training event pages will now feature the video in the top image block to expand access and improve navigation to find any of CCL's Tuesday and Thursday evening trainings.
  • Upvoting. Feature Requests and Bug Reports Forums now feature the ability for members to upvote the requests of other member's posts.
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  • Member Popovers. If you hover over a member's name/photo on a forum post they've shared, you now will see a smaller window pop up that contain buttons to ‘Add Friend’ or ‘Email’ that member, providing easier ways to connect.

Bug Fixes

  • Recent Topics Expansion. Resolved an issue where the Recent Topics block was not limiting posts to a single subcategory when placed on that subcategory’s page
  • Video Embed. Resolved an issue where embedded Facebook and Twitch videos were not displaying properly

New & Updated Content



Posted by Brett Cease on Sep 24, 2020 4:55 PM America/Los_Angeles


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