Virtual Postcards

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Template Presentation Slides to create virtual postcards, an easy, fun and COVID-safe grassroots action that will show your members of Congress that there is broad district support for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act.
Usage Instructions

Looking for CCL's Postcards To The President Campaign? Click here.

“Make a copy” of this slide deck template (or “Download” a .pptx file below).

To share this initiative with your chapter, ask your group members to:

  1. pick a photo of themself with something they love in the photo (being outdoors is always a good option)
  2. write a ~50 word testimonial about why they support H.R.2307
  3. send the photo and testimonial to your chapter’s postmaster (see slides)
  4. double your impact by helping a friend or family member send a photo & testimonial to your postmaster

The postmaster can then use the photos and testimonials to create a one slide postcard for each contributor. The CCL presentation uses two fonts that your postmaster might need to download onto a local computer to use properly. To download the fonts, go to:

 Virtual Postcard Slides Virtual Postcard Slides(.pptx)(updated 9/7/2020)6617 KB


Delivering virtual postcards 

When you are ready to deliver your postcard collection, download (or “Save as”) a .pdf version of the slide deck and then:

  1. deliver it during your next CCL virtual lobby meeting highlighting some of the best testimonials, or 
  2. provide it to Congressional staff via email, or 
  3. post virtual postcards on social media, tagging each post with your member of Congress's social media handle (for example, @RepTedDeutsch) so that congressional staff will see the posting, or
  4. talk to your Liaison about whether your MOC’s district office has a way to safely accept a printed copy, or
  5. if you are able to determine that your MOC’s DC office is open, prepare it for delivery by CCL Envoys in D.C.

If you deliver your postcard book electronically, include a good example postcard in the body of your email so that the Congressional staff can see a preview of the amazing postcards attached. Also ask for a reply!

For Senators

Share your chapter’s postcard collection with your CCL State Coordinator and CCL Senate Liaisons so that they can make and deliver a statewide postcard collection containing all the district postcard collections. 

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