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The Household Impact Study (2020 update) estimates the impact our policy would have zip code by zip code, congressional district by congressional district, state by state, and for the nation as a whole. It breaks down what % of constituents in each geographic unit end up ahead by economic quintile, by race, and by various other useful distinctions.
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Download the congressional district or state reports for use in your meetings with elected representatives, members of the media, or with local influencers.

To download one of the resources below click its "Download" button (note: make sure to scroll to the bottom of the list to trigger the Drive files to fully load past the initial batch). 

For more information, visit the Household Impact Study training page here to watch CCL coordinator Rick Knight walk through the 2020 updates and how to interpret the study further. 
Household Impact Study State Reports
State Reports on Google Drive
Household Impact Study District Reports
Congressional District Reports on Google Drive
Household Impact Study Downloads on Community
Full 2020 Household Impact Study working paperFull 2020 Household Impact Study working paper(.pdf)(updated 8/26/2020)4650 KB
Household Impact Study SummaryHousehold Impact Study Summary(.pdf)(updated 8/26/2020)799 KB
Household Impact Study FAQHousehold Impact Study FAQ (.pdf)(updated 9/8/2020) 610 KB
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