Ban on carbon fee/tax

I read that Congressman Zinke's resolution is to counter "President Biden's planned carbon tax". Zinke Introduces Resolution Condemning Biden’s Carbon Tax Plan | Representative Ryan Zinke ( 

What is he referring to?  There is no official plan for a price on carbon in the Administration.  The only thing I found was the EPA's updated assessment of the "social cost of carbon", which was raised to $190/ton CO2 last year when the methane policy was announced (Biden Administration Unleashes Powerful Regulatory Tool Aimed at Climate - The New York Times (  The price had never been above $100/ton before that.

I understand the significance of this EPA value that it weighs the economic benefits of potential projects and give justification for a later carbon price.  Is this the correct way to understand this?

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@Jack Tinsley
Thanks for posting a link to the actual resolution. The resolved clause is pretty weak tea and many of the concerns raised in the whereas clauses are addressed with a CBAM and returning the revenue in the form of a dividend. I hope that CCLers that are constituents of the co-sponsors reach out to their MOCs and let them know that we hear their concerns and can address them in carbon pricing legislation that is equitable to low income households and fair to American businesses. 

Hi @Jack Tinsley. The Biden administration doesn't have any planned carbon tax. Introducing and passing a carbon tax would be Congress' job; all the president could do would be to call for one and sign it into law if Congress passes it. This is just partisan messaging.

I hope everyone saw the CCL action to call our Representatives and urge them to vote no on this resolution.

T Todd Elvins
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@Jack Tinsley @Mark Vossler @Dana Nuccitelli 

We need just 32 more calls to Reps to hit 1000 - vote no on H.Con.RES 86.  Ask everyone you know to call at


@T Todd Elvins I called my Rep, but I got a little tripped up on the language in the script. I'm not sure what is meant by this phrase: “ … expressing the sense of Congress that a carbon tax would be detrimental to the United States economy.” Can you please explain?

T Todd Elvins
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Hi @Aaron Hoffman

Here's what I know about resolutions. Resolutions often start with, “It is the sense of Congress …”.    Resolutions are not legislation and will not become laws. Resolutions are statements that go to the floor for a vote so MOCs can support them or not support them. We want lots of MOCs to message that they support carbon pricing, by voting against this resolution.  Here's the text of the resolution.

Does that help?

Looks like they may vote on this today, 3/21…

@T Todd Elvins That is very helpful, thank you. I didn't know that about the “It is the sense of Congress…” language used in resolutions, and now it all makes sense. 

Just to update this thread, the anti-carbon tax resolution passed. But one little glass half full/silver lining tidbit is that this was the fourth time this Resolution has received a vote in Congress, and each time it's getting less support. 


For receipts, see the Nerd Corner 🤓

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