Resilience Hub

Resilience helps us stay the course, through the highs and the lows, and bounce forward from challenges.

The Resilience Hub on CCL Community provides opportunities for building personal and chapter resilience that support purposeful action on climate.

Live Workshops and Groups

Active Hope for Climate Change Advocates

Active Hope is a 2-hour Zoom workshop to strengthen your resilience and fortify your enthusiasm for climate activism.

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Resilience Building Circle

Climate work is heavy and hard. Come share your thoughts, feelings, perspectives and concerns about the climate crisis. This 1-hour Zoom gathering will focus on listening, presence and resilience building in both large and small group time together.

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Join the Next ONGO Group

This 12-week group experience is designed to integrate peace, compassion and wisdom into your climate activism, family, and community by helping you embody those qualities in your words and actions. 

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For additional live trainings on a variety of topics every week, consult the Training Events Calendar.

Self-Paced Trainings

Self-Care for Stress Reduction

  All Levels This training is suitable for everyone, from newer volunteers to those with more experience.
  Traditional Training content presented in a tab format with more straightforward access to text, webinar, and audio recordings.

This training provides suggestions and resources for your inner advocate - the one who wants change, ease, and calm, but struggles at times to find or create it.

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Deepening Resilient Leadership

  Advanced This training topic is more advanced and intended to provide complex information and resources for volunteers looking for an in-depth explanation.
  Interactive Training content presented in a more interactive format with integrated images, audio, video and learner-centric activities.

This training is designed to explore and deepen our resilience as climate leaders and advocates and begin to assess our own strengths and areas for development.

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Resilience Practices

Support Material

Connect With Others