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When you hold a lobby meeting, whether with an aide or with a member of Congress, they want to know what actions we want them to take. Our Primary Ask (Leave Behind) sheet lets them know.

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The primary asks listed here are intended to be used during CCL’s 2023 June Lobby Day

It is recommended that you use a primary ask to frame the conversation in your lobby meetings. Send a primary ask handout and optionally 1-page Supporting Ask document(s) to your member of Congress or staffer ahead of your lobby meeting. To download the PDF resource, click on the button(s) below. 

A primary ask should be made in every meeting. For full instructions for how to use these documents, see the Reviewing Primary & Supporting Asks training.

If you have any questions, email liaison.coordinator@citizensclimatelobby.org to help determine meeting topics and asks.

Primary Ask - Clean Energy Permitting ReformPrimary Ask - Clean Energy Permitting Reform (.pdf)(updated 6/2/23 after the debt ceiling passage)56 KB
For House members only:
Primary Ask - Support the Energy Innovation ActPrimary Ask - Support the Energy Innovation Act(.pdf)(updated 5/26/23)46 KB

For Senators only:
(PROVE IT Act S.1863)
Primary Ask - PROVE It Act Primary Ask - PROVE It Act (.pdf)(added 6/9/23) 47 KB
Additional support documents for meetings with Democratic offices: (use as you see fit)

CCL's Research team chart for the projected emissions reductions from each of CCL's policy agenda areas (additional details and sources here):
Highlighting that if we don’t start building clean energy infrastructure faster, we will only achieve about 20% of the potential carbon pollution reduction from climate policy that is already in place. In other words, over 80% of the potential emissions reductions delivered by the Inflation Reduction Act in 2030 are lost if transmission expansion is constrained to 1%/year, and roughly 25% are lost if growth is limited to 1.5%/year (Princeton REPEAT Project)

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