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When you hold a lobby meeting, whether with an aide or with the member of Congress, they want to know what we want from them. Our Primary Ask Leave-behind sheet lets them know what we want from Congress.

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For your 2021 November Lobby Week, there are two separate primary asks depending on whether your meeting is with a Republican or Democrat.

  • Senate or House Democrats: Include a Strong Carbon Price in Reconciliation 
  • Senate Republicans: Select from the list of Supporting Asks
  • House Republicans: Support Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA)

Send the corresponding handout and companion document to your Member of Congress or staffer ahead of your lobby meeting. It is also recommended that you use this ask to frame your conversation with them. To download your PDF resource click on the button(s) below. 

The primary ask should be made in every meeting, but for June your ask will differ if your member is a Republican or Democrat. For full instructions for how to use these documents see the Lobby Training on CCL's Nov. 2021 Strategic Plan & Primary Asks.

Primary Ask For Senate & House Democrats Primary Ask For Senate & House Democrats (.pdf)(updated 10/28/21)52 KB
Older Handouts/Resources from the June 2021 Primary Asks

 Carbon Pricing Is Popular Carbon Pricing Is Popular (.pdf)(updated 6/16/21) 266 KB
 Business Statements on Carbon Pricing Business Statements on Carbon Pricing (.pdf)(updated 6/10/21) 268 KB
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