Starting a Local Chapter

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CCL chapters form the backbone of the CCL organization. People from all walks of life who understand the urgency of climate change have started local CCL chapters across the world. This training points to resources to help get a new chapter up and running.

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Starting a Local Chapter is part of the Organizing & Mentoring Your Group series.
TOC and Guide Section
Contact your Regional Coordinator (RC)

Find the regional coordinator in your area of the country and contact them to let them know that you want to start a chapter.

Getting help getting started

Your regional (or state) coordinator will help you do the following:

  • Help you name your local chapter.
  • Start the internal CCL process that will get your new chapter on the main CCL website and using CCL Community's many support tools and resources.
    • CCL considers your group to be “In Progress” at this point.
  • Check in with you regularly to help you dismantle roadblocks.
  • Introduce you to the trainer who can lead a Climate Advocate Training Workshop (CATW) to help launch your new chapter with CCL’s signature volunteer orientation and training workshop.
  • After your workshop, your regional (or state) coordinator will continue supporting you with regular one-on-one phone calls.
Additional Resources To Help

As you work with your regional (or state) coordinator, you can:

Start Growing Your Group

Conduct outreach to build your chapter:

Find Others To Share In The Work

Delegate key tasks and roles to incoming volunteers (see link for key roles)

Get Help From Other CCL Veterans

There have been many ways that active CCL groups have helped support other chapters get off the ground. One support is through the Group Development Coaches, who help pull together and help a local Host Committee plan and host a Climate Advocate Training to officially launch a new CCL chapter. Group development coaches also provide CCL continuity for the group leader(s) who emerges during the planning process and are working hard to help CCL get an active chapter in every congressional district in the country. 

You could also check-in with neighboring chapters for some cross-chapter teamwork and support (click the link to be directed to a forum topic on this approach with examples pioneered by groups like the CCL Salt Lake City chapter).

Go Deeper
If you have any questions as you move along feel free to email Elli Sparks, CCL’s Field Development Director at:

Interested in helping a new chapter launch in a targeted area that’s not your own? Sign up to be a Group Development Coach who helps put together a local committee to host a climate advocate training.

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Checklist for Hosting Your Climate Advocate Training Workshop

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Finding Volunteers

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