Working With Your Member of Congress

This topic page will help you strategize, plan and execute a successful meeting and help you build a great relationship with your Member of Congress and their staff.


Lobbying at its core is about building relationships with individuals or groups with decision-making power. Doing it well requires cross-functional skills, including listening, effective communication, and organized meeting management.

Recommended training, resources, and more

Preparing For CCL's June Conference & Lobby Days

Walk through the final details and process of preparing for your time in DC and meetings with your member(s) of Congress. Learn now!

Lobbying 101: Transformative Power of Citizen Advocacy

Learn about citizen advocacy and the constituent advantage and how citizens can build meaningful, long-term relationships. Learn now!

Becoming A CCL Liaison

Learn an overview of Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s Congressional Liaison Program and what the responsibilities are for the role. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

How to Take Great Notes

Learn the keys to taking great notes that will help us take effective actions and give CCL an understanding of the national picture. Learn now!

Lobbying 201: Practicing Effective Lobbying

Learn the most important considerations in preparing for our lobby meetings and see a demonstration of what these meetings really look like. Learn now!

Lobbying 301: Handling Difficult Lobbying Scenarios

Learn how to overcome objections and handle difficult situations with a proven process that keeps your meetings and conversations on topic and leads to more effective and meaningful relationships. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

Lobbying 401: Leading a Lobby Team

Review the role of a lobby leader, how they assign team roles, coordinating practice times and how to handle other special situations. Learn now!

Key Resources & Links

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