Scheduling Presentations

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This training discusses the process of scheduling a presentation as well as the resources and support available for schedulers, one of the most effective roles that your local group can develop to help your chapter with outreach and education on climate solutions.

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Make a full list of target venues

Get to know your local community and begin to make a list of the clubs and groups that have meetings of members (e.g. service-based groups like Rotary, political groups, non-profits, etc.) To help you begin, download the Schedulers Toolkit to provide a template to get you started with some ideas. 

Find contact information

For the leaders, directors, & event organizers of these groups, use online webpages and social media sites to find out their Name, Email Address, Phone #, Title or Role.

Email a proposal template

Subject Line: Request For Presentation on Bipartisan Climate Solutions [Date/Time]

Dear [Contact Name],

I would like to offer a no-cost, non-partisan, optimistic presentation on bipartisan climate solutions for the [organization name]. Our presentation is aligned with your mission because [connect on common values].

I am a local volunteer with Citizens' Climate Lobby, a national, nonprofit organization that schedules speakers for organizations like yours.  Among other leaders, former U.S. Secretary of State George Schultz, and former NASA Institute Director Dr. James Hansen serve on our advisory board. 

Our speakers will educate, enable, and entertain your group members.  The presentation will include short videos, slides, stories, and time for audience input and questions. While the length of the presentation is at your discretion, our speaker will cover these main topics:

  • How will climate change impact life and work in the [local area]?
  • What climate solutions are out there?
  • What can [your community] citizens do to become more engaged?

After participating in this meeting, your group members will feel, (1) empowered to help, (2) energized, (3) hopeful for a future stable climate.  Our speaker will not solicit donations or try to sell anything.   

If you're interested in scheduling a time to talk and find out more, feel free to contact me with my information below. We look forward to being in touch.

Best regards,
[Your Name & Title]

Additional proposal examples in Schedulers Toolkit and in the Presenters & Schedulers Action Team.

Call to follow-up
  • Most times one email won’t be enough to receive a response
  • Follow-up with a friendly phone call to introduce yourself
  • If no luck with contacting, after a few weeks, follow-up with a short one sentence email checking in
  • Consider other ways to get in touch with the group or network connections you and your group might have 
Go to the show (presentation)

Show up and support your presenter. You can help collect names/business cards of attendees and be available to hand out information on CCL. 

Log An Action

After the presentation, coordinate with your presenter to log an action in the Action Tracker to make sure your hard work is tracked and counted! Congratulations!

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Scheduling Presentations
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