Building Connections with Reporters

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How can we generate more media coverage? Developing relationships with reporters is essential, easy to do and you need not wait until you have a press release to start reaching out. This training outlines how responding to articles a journalist has written is a great way to initiate contact and become a source.
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Building Connections with Reporters is part of the Working With Print Media series.
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Build relations early

Time to time you and your local group will have news you'd like to share with your media contacts - from a new announcement about the Climate Solutions Caucus a community event you're hosting, or local volunteers going to DC to join CCL's national conference.

However, the time to connect with reports and build a relationship with them of trust and mutual awareness is long before you have a press release.

To begin, start reading articles online from reporters, editors, and journalists that you want to cultivate as media contacts.

The best time to contact them is just after they publish a story. You can reach out via email or Twitter. If you have any difficulty finding a good way of contacting them, email Steve Valk, CCL's Communications Director, as CCL as a list with tens of thousands of media contacts throughout the country that might be able to help.

Thank them: The best way to get their attention

Be sure to include the story's headline in the subject line so the reporter can see it's in response to their article.

Your email can be as simple as a thank you or acknowledgement in response to their writing, many journalists receive an overwhelming amount of negative reactions to their articles and your note will be noticed and deeply appreciated. You can also include a suggestion for where to get further information on the topic from your local network. 

Example story

For an example of what can come from this kind of outreach and the potential CCL stories it can generate, watch Steve Valk in this training's connected video. 

By reaching out to reporters early and often with your appreciation you will help build essential connections to leverage whenever CCL and the Energy Innovation Act have important news to share.

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