Community Release - July 15, 2019

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes that are ready to deploy. On CCL Community, we'll release updates every other Monday.

New features

  • Send to All option when creating an email list. This is BIG. The second-most popular feature request was the following:
    "As a group leader, I want to be able to easily send a message to a set of members based on interests, city, district, or some other factor, so that I can reduce the number of emails sent to all members and target relevant members."
    For example, as a group leader, I want to send an email to everyone in my chapter (FL Orlando) who is in Florida's 10th district to let them know about an upcoming town hall event. I would first go to my group's page and click "Email" from the group's menu. Scroll down to the section labeled "Email a Subset of Community Users" and select the "Click to select recipients" button.
    On the popup screen,
    1. Click the filter icon
    2. Select the chapter and district filters
    3. Enter the name of the group or chapter
    4. Enter the district
    5. Send to All
    d18ef592c2621a7e17bf8975ebd2ce09-huge-sc Now you have your email distribution list.
  • Filter email or event invite list based on "Date Joined." When sending email to a group or inviting group members to an event, group leaders and chapter admins can now filter their list based on date joined. That may come in handy if you want to invite every who joined within the past X number of days to a new member meeting.
  • Text-indent for messages and posts. It's simple, just highlight the text and select the right indent icon in the editor.9fcd36874eff8e56803e00cf8149d1ce-huge-sc
  • Action teams event category. Action teams have a new action team event category that will only display the event on the individual action team's calendar.
  • External links. By default, all links on Community linking to an external website will open in a new browser tab.
  • Group event invites "Send to All." When inviting group members to an event, chapter leaders and chapter admins can now select all members of the group at once by clicking the "Send to All" button.dc326aea156c10d301297dab299212ff-huge-sc
  • Sending attachments in email. This is a first step, not the finished feature. Users can attach files to email messages. When the email is received in the recipient's personal email inbox the recipient will see a link to view and/or download the attachment from their Community inbox. Yes, they would need to log into Community to view and/or download the attachment. Soon we hope to have the attachment available in the user's personal email client. Stay tuned!
  • State and regional coordinators can now grant permission (FAQ) to someone who is not a state or regional coordinator to add/remove members from a custom group.

Bug fixes

  • Nonfunctional image, video, and file upload buttons removed from the following rich text editors: Group Description and Events Description.
  • Embedded videos no longer duplicate when added to content posts.
  • Event timezone is respected when set to display in the Event’s timezone.

New pages and updates

Trainings Resources:

Accessibility updates

So that Community is easy to understand and navigate for user's accessing the site via a screen reader, this release contains accessibility updates to:
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Event Comments
  • Icons
  • File Gallery
  • Navigation Search
  • Event Date/Time and Address
  • Subscribe Button

Other updates

  • The event invite email was updated to include the event start and end times as well as the event address.
  • New designs of CCL t-shirts available at our online merchandise store.
Posted by Richard Bradley on Jul 15, 2019 4:39 PM America/Los_Angeles


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