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An ask is just what it sounds like: asking a member of Congress (MOC) to take actions that support CCL’s goals. The first document below reviews our primary ask, and then presents additional bills that are complementary to our ongoing emphasis of getting strong climate legislation. These bills can be supporting asks and could provide stepping stones to gaining support for our primary ask.

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For the fall season of 2022, CCL recommends the following supporting asks by your member of Congress's segment:

  • House Democrats - GCSA, RISEE Act
  • House Republicans - GCSA, RISEE Act, NCARS, FOREST Act
  • Senate Democrats - NCARS, RISEE Act
  • Senate Republicans - FOREST Act, RISEE Act, NCARS
Key to the abbreviations:
  • GCSA: Growing Climate Solutions Act of 2021 (S.1251/H.R.2820)
  • RISEE Act: Reinvesting in Shoreline Economies and Ecosystems (RISEE) Act (S.2130 / H.R. 9049)
  • FOREST Act: Fostering Overseas Rule of Law and Environmentally Sound Trade (FOREST) Act (S.2950 / H.R.5508)
  • NCARS: National Climate Adaptation and Resilience Strategy (NCARS) Act (S.3531/ H.R.6461)
Want to know more about CCL's current Supporting Asks? Watch Exploring the RISEE and FOREST Acts and join Jamari Hartley, and Hardy Almes, CCL's Government Affairs Coordinators for a training that will review policy details of these two policy proposals.

To see a one-page description of each bill, click the "download" buttons below. You also may want to print a handout of your selected supporting ask to give to a staffer or MOC.  

 Growing Climate Solutions Act  (GCSA) One-Pager Growing Climate Solutions Act (GCSA) One-Pager (.pdf)(updated 10/18/22)68 KB
RISEE Act One-Pager RISEE Act One-Pager (.pdf)(updated 11/8/22)70 KB
FOREST Act One-PagerFOREST Act One-Pager(.pdf)(updated 11/8/22)68 KB
NCARS Act One-PagerNCARS Act One-Pager(.pdf)(updated 11/8/22)68 KB
 RISEE Act One-Pager For Inland Districts RISEE Act One-Pager For Inland Districts (.pdf)(added 12/2/22) 63 KB


Supporting asks are currently the primary ask for Republicans.

Ultimately, CCL wants to make our primary ask to all legislators. And while some of you may have made a supporting ask your primary ask in years past, the November 2021 Lobby day was the first where CCL recommended making a supporting ask your primary ask for all Republican offices. We are in unusual political circumstances, and we are adjusting our guidance to you to match it.

Bills supporting bipartisan climate action

CCL has identified four bipartisan bills that have been introduced in the 117th Congress that could be useful supporting asks. Our primary objective in promoting these bills is to encourage bipartisanship on climate in Congress. The bills all have cosponsors of both parties, all are complementary to a strong carbon price, and all address policy issues that a carbon price does not. Descriptions of each bill are in the attachment below. Just click on the .pdf  file or blue hyperlinks for more information.

This list is not exhaustive; if there is a bill your group would like to use as a supporting ask that is not on this list, please contact CCL’s Vice President of Government Affairs, Ben Pendergrass, at Use your best judgment when deciding whether you want to make one or more of these bills a supporting ask. If any of them are a source of conflict within your group, please pick a different supporting ask.

The value of supporting asks

After making the primary ask and subsequent discussion, it may make sense to make a supporting ask. Getting legislation passed is a complicated, coalition-building process in which lots of smaller steps must happen before we get a law. Many members of Congress may be willing to support other bills that fit into the broader picture of addressing the climate crisis and are complementary to a carbon price, and these could be stepping stones toward support for bringing the U.S. in line with the rest of the developed world.

You should always be clear that what you want is our primary ask. After making the primary ask and subsequent discussion, it may make sense to make a supporting ask. Getting legislation passed is a complicated, coalition-building process in which lots of smaller steps must happen before we get a law. 

A record of success

In December 2020, the U.S. House and Senate passed a massive omnibus package. The package includes the major provisions from three of CCL’s “supporting ask” bills from December Lobby Day: the BEST Act, the USE IT Act, and the Climate-Ready Fisheries Act. In July of 2021, the Senate passed the Growing Climate Solutions Act by a vote of 92-8 in a remarkable display of bipartisan support for climate action. In September 2021, Congress agreed upon a bipartisan infrastructure package that includes provisions from two of  CCL’s “supporting ask” bills used in June 2021: The Hope for Homes Act and the Storing CO2 And Lowering Emissions (SCALE) Act. The inclusion of these measures in both the larger omnibus package and bipartisan infrastructure package shows that CCL’s volunteer lobbying has an impact. This is a powerful reminder of why CCL supports other bipartisan climate bills - because we can make a difference.

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