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Editorial Packets

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Resources to help volunteers educate their local newspaper about CCL's work and the Energy Innovation Act.

Usage Instructions
Many newspapers have an editorial board. The staff members on the editorial board write the newspapers' own opinion pieces (called "editorials") on various topics. These editorials can be very influential on members of Congress.

Media packets are a great way to educate your local newspaper's editorial board about the topics of climate change, CCL's work, and the Energy Innovation Act. Specifically, we recommend that you send the packet along with a request to meet with the editorial board. Hopefully the packet and/or your meeting will result in the newspaper writing an editorial supporting the Energy Innovation Act. (Here are some examples of great editorials from newspapers in New YorkWashington, and Florida.)  

Below, you'll find one time-sensitive media packet and two general media packet about legislation CCL supports (the Energy Innovation Act, and the Growing Climate Solutions Act) that you can use anytime. 

Check out our training materials on "Meeting with Editorial Boards" to learn exactly how you can use these packets to request a meeting and ask your newspaper to write an editorial.

Editorial Packet November 2020 Editorial Packet November 2020 (.docx - 11/17/20)598 KB
Growing Climate Solutions Act media packetGrowing Climate Solutions Act media packet(English) (.docx - 7/27/20)860 KB
Energy Innovation Act Media Packet Energy Innovation Act Media Packet (English) (.docx - 7/27/20)863 KB
If you have questions or need support, visit the "Working with Media" forum. CCL's Communications staff monitors the forum and will answer your questions quickly.
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