CCL Community Release - December 28, 2020

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content.

New Features

  • Accomplishment Badges. We're excited to announce in the final release notes of 2020, that CCL Community now provides accomplishment badges for all online members! Badges track the actions you take as a climate advocate and range from light green (when you complete your first action in each category) all the way up to bronze, silver, then gold. Hover over the badges on your own profile page to see what actions to take to unlock the next level all the way to gold. You can also look at any friend or fellow group member's profile page on their "My Badges" block to see what accomplishment badges they've unlocked. For a full directory list that indicates how many actions it takes to attain gold in any category go to the Accomplishment Badges glossary. To get credit for your own political will building climate actions, make sure to log each of them in CCL's Action Tracker and wait for the data to sync overnight.
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  • Forums Searchbar. The forum pages (both sitewide as well as groups) now feature an additional searchbar located right above the list of recent forum topics to help streamline the process of finding discussions by topic and keywords that are of interest to CCL Community members. 
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  • Additional Category in Search. "Group Files" now is available as an option to search group level files and videos in the main search area results.
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Bug Fixes

  • Event Admin - Send Message. Event Messages no longer have the "When To Send" option show up - the default option is to send any message immediately. The bug with even messages not able to send when scheduled 1 - 90 days before or after the event date has been disabled until our developer resolves the issue. For more information see the Event Admin FAQ.
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  • Group Event Comments. Attendees and CCL Community members can now write comments/questions in an Event Comments block at the bottom of group event pages. 
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  • Event RSVP, Likes, and Comments. A bug that had limited sitewide event functionality has now resolved the RSVP block syncing with the Event RSVPs block. Additionally, likes no longer stack but are cumulatively tallied in the lower right and display in the hover-over preview of any event. Comments left on events now are also able to reply directly to rather than beginning a new comment.

New & Updated Content



Posted by Brett Cease on Dec 31, 2020 5:43 PM America/Los_Angeles

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