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After the informational session, the next step for new CCL volunteers is Climate Advocate Training. Facilitated by CCL Trainers, this webinar will not only teach you about Citizens’ Climate Lobby’s methods and visions but also inspire you to find your role so you can hit the ground running.
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When: Offered two times a month (day session and an evening session). Click below to register for an upcoming training session:


Join Amy Bennett, CCL’s Director of Congressional Liaisons & Lobby Days, and Brett Cease, CCL’s Volunteer Education and Engagement Coordinator as they welcome you to CCL.To be taken as the final part of new volunteer’s training module after the informational session, in this webinar you will:

  1. Learn the basics of becoming an effective climate advocate
  2. Review the structure, mission, and purpose of CCL
  3. Learn how to build constructive relationships with elected representatives
  4. Review CCL’s methodology of creating political will
  5. Practice how to appeal to the best in others and build common ground
  6. Review the details and further resources to understand Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act
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For those who can’t attend our Climate Advocate Training live, we provide the pre-recorded version here - just click on the "Watch" or "Listen" tabs above. Let us know that you have watched or listened to the call by clicking on the "Tell Us You've Listened" button below. 

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Amy Bennett
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