CCL Community Release - March 22, 2021

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content.

New Features

  • Lobby Meetings Logged Through Action Tracker. Moving forward, lobby meeting notes will be logged in CCL's Action Tracker. To log your team's meeting notes, coordinate with your Congressional Liaison and designate who will be using CCL's Action Tracker via Log An Action > Contact with Legislator > Lobby Meeting. The questions that the tracker asks are the same prompts that the CCL Meeting Minutes Print-Out provides lobby teams ahead of time. For more information, see the Using the Action Tracker Training page.
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  • Action Team Rosters
    • Action Team Leaders now have access to their team's rosters beyond the Membership tab. To access your team's roster click on the left-side "Admin" menu option in your group, then click on the "Team Roster" link that will appear once in your team's Admin pages (see image below). Once in your team's roster you'll be able to sort, filter and export your team's membership information as highlighted below.
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  • Expanded Featured Events. The main CCL Community Events page now includes upcoming conferences and national events in addition to trainings and workshops.   
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Bug Fixes

  • Event Images For Group Events. Local chapter and action team events now feature the ability to add photos to the head of the local event. To add photos, the event editor either clicks the photo icon in the upper right of the featured default photo (see below)or clicks on the triple dot "..." symbol in the upper right of the event description block and selects "Upload Photos" from the dropdown menu.
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  • Email Icon. One's CCL Community Messages Inbox now shows up as an email icon on the right side of top menu bar (previously a bell icon) and when there are messages or pending friend request to respond to a red dot is added to highlight a message or request is outstanding.
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  • Updated Individual Group Settings. To help clarify how notifications work with forwarding updates to your personal email the individual group settings page has been updated to add additional instructions.
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  • Profile Photos. Resolved an issue where the profile photo wouldn’t show up in the header after logging in.

New & Updated Content


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Posted by Brett Cease on Mar 25, 2021 9:06 AM America/Los_Angeles

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