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This training provides CCL volunteers with answers to several Frequently Asked Questions about Reddit that may come up with CCL volunteers.
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Can I or should I get involved on Reddit?

Consider whether your skills and talents might be better applied in your local chapter, state or region. 33% of Americans would write to their elected officials about climate change if asked by someone they like and respect, so think of your personal connections as low-hanging fruit. Even if you are already a Redditor, you can likely help CCL more by getting endorsements from businesses, churches, and Chambers of Commerce, and engaging conservatives in districts and states represented by conservative MoCs, than to support CCL on a left-leaning forum like Reddit.

My local needs are covered and I want to help! How do I get started?

It’s pretty simple: take CCL’s training! Then, if you're already a Redditor, it's just a matter of sticking to CCL Core Values and following Reddiquette. Participate in good-faith discussions about climate change on Reddit. The more CCL training you’ve taken, the greater the impact you can expect to have on (and off) Reddit. The most effective CCLers on Reddit are fully trained with lots of experience volunteering with CCL in the real world, while also being seasoned Redditors. Reddit is its own idiosyncratic community and can be a bit tribal, so it would likely not be very impactful to create a Reddit account just to support CCL. As with any effective advocacy, you’ll have a much greater impact in your own community rather than someone else’s.

I saw something on Reddit that I know is incorrect. What should I do? 

Most people want to receive accurate information, and scientific research has shown that it’s worth correcting scientific misinformation when you see it – here’s how. That said, you may want to think about which posts are most worth your time. Commenting on “dead” threads is almost like having a one-on-one conversation (that anyone could see at any time). Advanced Google searches can help you find high-quality sources (e.g., “” or “”) to better make your case. As always, practice your CCL training in your outreach.

What should I do if I see Citizens’ Climate Lobby, carbon fee and dividend or carbon pricing mentioned on Reddit?

If you see an opportunity, seize the opportunity! CCL provides excellent training for people from all walks of life to jump in and act as effective climate advocates. As a grassroots, volunteer-driven organization, you as a volunteer are the most appropriate person to participate in these conversations when they come up. 

I’ve got a specific question about Reddit outreach. Who can help me?

If you are a Redditor and have something specific that you’d like to ask of the most active and experienced volunteers who conduct Reddit outreach, please message CCL volunteer /u/Express_Hyena on Reddit. Otherwise, please contact CCL’s Communications Director, Flannery Winchester at

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