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Hall of Fame - Endorsements for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act

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Endorsements for the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (or similar policies) from prominent individuals and organizations.
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Note: for updated totals for cosponsors, supporters, and other significant Energy Innovation Act timeline events see the Energy Innovation Act Progress Page & Timeline.


Support from Federal Government Leaders, including:

  • Janet Yellen - Secretary of the Treasury (video)(supports a carbon tax)
  • Steven Chu - former US Secretary of Energy
  • Wesley Clark - General (retired) US Army
  • Rick Devereaux - Major General (retired) US Air Force
  • Howard Dean - Former Chair Democratic National Committee

Support from 100 State-level Legislators, including:

  • Ben Allen - California State Senator
  • Nathaniel Trives - Former Mayor, Santa Monica, California
  • Peter Harckham - New York State Senator
  • Ghazala Hashmi PhD - Virginia State Senator

Support from 200 City and County Legislators, and other Local Leaders, including:

Support from 100 Cities and Counties, including:

Support from National Businesses/Associations, including:

Support from Elite Athletes, including:

Support from Chambers, including:

  • Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce
  • National City Chamber of Commerce
  • Red Hook Area Chamber of Commerce

Support from 300 Wineries and Breweries, including:

Support from Economists:

Support from Faith Leaders:

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