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  • Community Release - July 27, 2020
    Community Release - July 27, 2020
    Updates and Bug Fixes include a Recent Activity Block on your profile page, an improved back button function on forums pages, and improved text editing on mobile.  New and Updated Content include new trainings on Sunny Day Flooding & Climate Advocacy and Voter Participation Outreach. more
  • Community Release - July 13, 2020
    Community Release - July 13, 2020
    Updates  include new personalized "From Names" for email messages, Email Subset improvements, and autosave design improvements.  New and Updated Content:  Additional Supporting Ask (Growing Climate Solutions Act), and Engaging Students Through Internships, Storytelling, and Planning A Joint Virtual CCL Meeting With Your Member Of Congress training pages. more
  • Community Release - June 29, 2020
    Community Release - June 29, 2020
    Updates  include a new autosave feature, fixes to forum post formatting and profile photo fields. New and Updated Content:  CCL's 2020 Legislative Plan, Social Media Basics, Communicating with Conservatives & Progressives, and #CCL2020 Conference resources, videos and presentations.  more
  • Community Release - June 1, 2020
    Community Release - June 1, 2020
    Updates  include a new Community Bulletin summary field to streamline search results display and resolution for email subset/filter bug. New and Updated Content:  Preparing For CCL's June Online-Only Conference & Lobby Day, Lobbying 301, and CCL's Media Resources. more
  • Community Release - May 19, 2020
    Community Release - May 19, 2020
    Updates include a new forums date format, videos can now be added to an event, and badge descriptions are no longer truncated. New and Updated Content: Reframing: Moving People from Resistance to Support, Lobbying 101 and 201, Organizing Youth In CCL Guidance For Chapters  more
  • Community Release - May 5, 2020
    Community Release - May 5, 2020
    New features include: Default event photos. Issues resolved include: Event invite "Send to All" members of a group is working properly again. New and updated training: Handling Challenging Questions About the Energy Innovation Act, Practicing Video Conference Security, Working with Other Organizations and Allies, and CCL Media Basics. more
  • Community Release - April 20, 2020
    Community Release - April 20, 2020
    New Features:  Action Team Forum Discussions are now indexed in CCL Community's search results. To find an action team file, event, or discussion topic be sure to include the keywords you are looking for and the action team name. Bug Fixes:  Group ‘Events' descriptions will no longer show HTML entity codes in place of characters. Pending friend requests in the ‘My Friends’ block now show up even if a member doesn't have friends yet. more
  • Community Release - April 6, 2020
    Community Release - April 6, 2020
    New Features:  Sitewide Forums Subcategories Added .   All Five Levers Categories ( Lobbying Congress ,  Media Relations ,  Grassroots Outreach ,  Grasstops Engagement , and  Group Organizing ) now provide feature subcategories to allow Community members to more easily drill down into specific topic areas and discussion. Note: If you were subscribed to a Five Levers Category before this update and would like to now be auto-subscribed to all subcategories within that lever, click the "Unsubscribe" button on the respective Lever Forum and then the  "Subscribe" button again to update your subscriptions so that all subcategories will also send a notice at the frequency of your choosing. CCL Community Event Categories.  Local Chapter and Regional Events now display on the main CCL Community Events page when that category is clicked, allowing members to view all local and regional events, even those outside of their own local chapter and custom teams.  Bug Fixes Resolved an issue where the "My Files" page  was not fully displaying or sorting members' files uploaded to CCL Community.  Updated the "Reply To Friends" button in "My Messages"  inbox to indicate that replies would direct to only one's personal friends on CCL Community that were copied on any message sent from groups. more
  • Community Release - March 23, 2020
    Community Release - March 23, 2020
    New Features :  Unsubscribe Settings clarified.  To help CCL volunteers see if they've been unsubscribed  to all CCL Community notifications and emails a new box has been added to one's Account Settings page . If unsubscribed both the "Notifications" and "Subscriptions" tabs will indicate this new status. Badges Popover.  When a user hovers over a badge on someone's profile page, they will now see a popover window showing a larger version of the badge along with its title and description. Bug Fixes Resolved an issue where the "Recent Topics" block was not showing the correct categories when categories were segmented. more
  • Community Release - March 9, 2020
    Community Release - March 9, 2020
    New Features: Community Mentors. The  Community Mentors  team has been created to help increase engagement on CCL Community and improve the online experience for all our members. Interested volunteers can apply to become part of the inaugural cohort this spring. Crop Photo. Users can now crop their photo after uploading it. To crop a photo, click the camera in the top right corner of the cover photo and choose ‘Crop Profile Photo’ or ‘Crop Cover Photo’ Bug Fixes: Search improvement in group pages.   Searches in groups now default to forum results. Pages are more accurately identified by restricting searches to forums, events, or members through clicking on the respective tab below "Search Results." more
  • Community Release - February 24, 2020
    Community Release - February 24, 2020
    New Features: Change Your Chapter & District Form.  Action Team Forums searchable from main page. To improve access and visibility all CCL Action Team Forums discussions are now searchable from the main search page . Bug Fixes: Resolved an issue where digests would sometimes miss content if sent after midnight Resolved an issue where file categories in groups did not obey segmentation. Resolved an issue with the usage list for language-specific HTML blocks Resolved an issue where join date would sort with oldest members instead of newest first on the Browse Members block more
  • Community Release - February 10, 2020
    Community Release - February 10, 2020
    What's a release? Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. On CCL Community, we'll release updates every other week. New Features  Group Home Page Redesign.  The layout of CCL Community group home pages has been improved to spotlight important and upcoming information ... more

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