CCL Community Release - March 6, 2023

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. The CCL Community Release Notes are published after a group of significant new features, bug fixes, and/or content updates have been released. Ask any questions in the comments below.

New Features

  • The Action Tracker now provides all volunteers the chance to select the area(s) in CCL's Policy Agenda your actions were related to when logging your actions. In addition to all of the benefits that tracking our actions provides CCL (in terms of finding additional funding support, developing partnerships and helping our leaders motivate more, etc.) by having the ability to select the CCL policy area, CCL's Program staff and Government Affairs team will have insights into which policy areas our chapters, states, and regions are working on. To select which policy area(s) your action is connected to, go to Log Your Action and select which area(s) your action was related to with the checkbox below before selecting "Next."
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  • The Action Tracker also now allows Mobilization Mangers and those marked by their regional coordinators as having State Roster Access to view individual actions each month across their state or region and the ability for coordinators to filter the results by state, chapter, participant, and action type (including calls, letters/emails, etc.). 
    1. Click on “Recent Actions” on the left side menu in the Action Tracker
    2. To narrow down to view of logged actions to a particular chapter or type of action click “Filter” (top right)
    3. A new filter bar opens on the right side to allow you to select which chapter in your state you want to filter down to 
    4. You can also narrow the list down by Date, Participant or the Type of action you're looking for
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  • Updated all individual chapter pages on the site that didn't have customized information. If your chapter had a customized page and would like your page updated to the new standard default, please reach out to your Regional Coordinator to coordinate.
  • Redistricting Updates. CCL's I.T. team finished updating all of our volunteer's congressional districts at the beginning of the year in early January and also updated newer state-level districts as part of the update, helping improve their accuracy. For the recent update I.T. received a population-based mapping of postal codes to districts (meaning that in cases where a postal code spans districts, it will pick the district where most people in that postal code live). This was chosen as a way to boost accuracy, but, of course, there may still be cases where the district is incorrect. If this is the case for you, visit here to update your district.

Bug Fixes

  • Events: Fixed an issue where the ‘Add to Calendar’ option was not working for Outlook.
  • Group Settings: Updated notification wording with group settings page to improve clarity

New & Updated Content

Most Recent Trainings (reverse chronologically sorted):

Additional Resources

Additional Pages/Tools: 

Posted by Brett Cease on Mar 6, 2023 8:54 PM America/Los_Angeles

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