CCL Community 2023: Year In Review

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By Brett Cease, CCL Vice President of Programs

To begin, let's share in a collective thank you to each and every CCL volunteer's hard work and dedication for making our past year of advocacy the high impact and grassroots-driven huge success that it was! As we transition to the year ahead, here's a window back to the busiest places and most popular pages on CCL Community throughout 2023. This past year, as CCL expanded its policy focus and ramped up our national Climate Action Program, you'll note many of the actions corresponded with these areas of focus. With over 1.67 million total page views throughout 2023 on CCL Community it continues to be a busy volunteer portal for all of us so let's look at where all the traffic this year was going.

Note: for a full review of the many features and updates made throughout CCL Community see our CCL Community Release Notes. On our Stats page, you’ll find the number of conference attendees and lobby meetings for each conference event, followed by the number of CCL Supporters per state and district. For all other national CCL action statistics, please visit CCL’s Action Tracker.

High Impact Goal Collective Actions

Most Visited Training Pages:

Most Popular Topics:

Top Dozen Most Visited Resources (bookmark any for quick reference):

Most Popular Sitewide Forum Conversations:

Top Five Most Well Attended Webinars:

In total 4,796 attendees were a part of a CCL live training at some time in 2023 and here were the top five in terms of highest attendance: Most Viewed CCL Community Bulletins:

Top Ten Most Visited Action Teams:

Top Dozen Most Active Volunteers on CCL Community in 2023

Each and every CCL volunteer's participation matters and we wanted to share a special thank you to each of the following twelve volunteers outside of our staff and state coordinators who were the most active on CCL Community throughout 2023:

Overall, thanks to every single CCL volunteer, we collectively took 5,167,802 actions (from posting in our forums, sending messages, RVSPing to events, downloading resources, etc.) through our advocacy in 2023 on CCL Community! Here's hope each of you had a rejuvenating holiday season and we look forward to an empowered 2024 ahead together!

Posted by Brett Cease on Jan 2, 2024 2:49 PM America/Los_Angeles

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