CCL Community Release - August 5, 2022

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What's a release?

Simply put, a release is a package of software updates consisting of new features and bug fixes along with new content. The CCL Community Release Notes are published after a group of significant new features, bug fixes, and/or content updates have been released. Ask any questions in the comments below.

New Features

  • Updated Dashboard "The Latest" More News & Updates Block. Making it more easy to scan the top news, keep track of CCL Community Bulletins and click to the relevant links you need.
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  • Goals Added To Action Tracker. We updated the "Election Season Activity" campaign with a new target (2,000 total) and deadline (Election Day November 8th), see this forum post for more information.
  • Group Banner Option Added. You can now add a banner image in place of the blue block across the top center part of your group page. Go to Admin > Details, then scroll down to "Background Image" to make your selection.
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  • Text Opt In. CCL now includes whether a volunteer has opted into text messaging in the New Chapter Member email that goes out to group leaders and other local chapter admins on Fridays. You'll see a new "Text Opt-In" column next to Mobile Phone in both the body of the new member email, as well as the attached spreadsheet.
  • Engagement Segments added. Email subset feature now pre-populates the chapter name in quotes.
  • Group Calendar Updates. Group events are now visible across the event main page under the Local Chapter and Region Event category.

Bug Fixes

  • Events Issue Addressed.  Fixed an issue where the Events > Event Invite block was not restricting by segment correctly. Now when “Member Segments to Invite” are selected only users from these segments can be invited to the event.
  • Discussion Forums. When replying to or quoting a forum topic, the user you are replying to will automatically be @ mentioned in your reply. 
  • Issue Addressed.  Fixed an issue with the Event Admin block for scheduled event messages. It specifically relates to the scheduled event messaging process that runs each day to send off the event messages. The process was marking messages as “processed/sent” incorrectly.
  • Group Admin Files.  Fixed an issue where group admins were unable to delete group files.
  • All Day Events Display. Fixed an issue where ‘all day’ events were showing at starting at 12 AM instead of All Day on the Events > Events Schedule block.
  • State Districts Added to Export Roster. State level congressional and senate district fields are now downloadable with the chapter roster. 

New & Updated Content

Most Recent Trainings (reverse chronologically sorted): Resources Additional Pages/Tools: 
  • Nerd Corner (and updated Charts of the Week)
  • New Content for Volunteer UseSubscribe to this new category in CCL Community's Sitewide forums to get biweekly direct download links to all new digital content from CCL's marketing department. Ask questions, discuss new content, and make requests for future digital content.
  • Action Tracker (see new features above)
  • Policy Questions Forum Categories - Expansion into three areas: Carbon Fee & Dividend, Carbon Pricing, Budget Reconciliation, Trees and Forests as Natural Climate Solutions, and Other Policy Questions
  • IT Help Center (updated layout and design location on bottom left screen)
Posted by Brett Cease on Aug 5, 2022 3:46 PM America/Los_Angeles

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